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  1. You think this route is doable in August this year or are moats a problem?
  2. Matt: You have some great trips... please...why not submit a trip on SP? Looking kind of dead there. Did I miss it?
  3. Wow! I am curious what you rate the route up Cloudcap and ridge. A group of three of us are heading up there this week. We have talked about this one for years... Congratulations.
  4. Good climb Nick. Caboose in Marblemount is the place for food coming down...even has beer! Crucial Beta by Norman...
  5. Any one with a warmlight tent, comments.
  6. http://www.summitpost.org/trip-report/643217/Success-on-Challenger.html http://www.summitpost.org/trip-report/643065/Traverse-from-Ross-Lake-to-Mt-Baker-Hwy.html Here are my trip reports for our two peaks. Thanks again for the fuel, you don't know how many times we have talked about the luck of meeting you guys with extra fuel to give.
  7. Nick: Great trip with you and that other team at Luna Col was very generous with fuel...they really were helpful. Sorry to them for the weather issues. We were wondering about you. We took four trips in the get Challenger finally, so be persistent.
  8. I don't post much here, go to summitpost.com on Glacier as others have link you to. The trip reports and Gerdine/Cool Glacier route is mine as is the 2008 trip report. Its a good route, the reasonable one to me. Email if you want my input to specific questions, but I'll be gone early tomarrow for a trip.
  9. I asked Ranger if the road block is law or is it just a caution. Could I drive around if careful with high clearance vehicle? Power trip or accurate info, but the lady said "you cand not cross barrier". OK, ok. We'll go the bicycles for now...still 7 extra miles and blow downs.
  10. Ranger at Darrington said road closed 7 miles before trail parking lot. "Road falling into river" were her words, only bikes and horses allowed, plus no blow down work yet. Any one been in there?
  11. Nice post Nick... Challenger? There's always next year, unless you want to try again in september???
  12. Nick: It was a good climb. How about some pictures?
  13. There were 6 in the group I went with Saturday. My trip report is on summitpost. We did benefit from others stomping the snow to the summit. All 6 in our group, including two nubies made it. It was my third try. Once via the Glacier, once Lone Tree. This time was Lone Tree. Great Spring trip. Glad we did it. Congrads on the Glacier route!
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