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  1. pirates

  2. Pirates are so yesterday....

    yeah thanks, good times! Gotta keep the East in check once and a while. Oh right AAARRGGHHH
  3. Pirates are so yesterday....

    Thanks, Chilling on the East coast these dayzzz.
  4. Pirates are so yesterday....

    Ninja Headlines
  5. Three Sisters Marathon

    Very Nice!!!
  6. the movie asshole thread

    I will give you that but if you have not watched hush, she is a freaking nightmare.
  7. the movie asshole thread

    Jessica Lange in the movie Hush
  8. the movie asshole thread

    Farva from Super troopers. "I just lost a dollar to myself." Maybe he was more of an asshat.
  9. Lee Vining Ice.

    Awesome, thank you.
  10. Lee Vining Ice.

    Any new input on the ice conditions at Lee Vining? Heading down for the first time and was wondering how many pitches the climbs are. I have looked some pictures and not too sure on how big the climbs are. Also wondering on the approach, ski in, hike in? Any beta would be great. Thank you.
  11. Gotta love the front page of the Bend Bulletin Yesterday. Linky linky
  12. need helmet advice

    Who are you kidding Aya, I have never seen a picture of you riding a horse with a helmet. LOL
  13. Paulina Falls

    Paulina is about 20 miles South of Bend.
  14. Paulina Falls

    We were in the area yesterday 12/22/06 and snapped this of Mckay falls. We were not sure how far in Paulina was and after about 3 miles turned around. We saw twin falls also which is smaller and flowing a bit more. I was wondering if hwy 242 is closed in winter and if so what mile mark it is clsed at. Linton Falls looked like something that might be promising? How about proxy Falls? Any Idea on getting to these?
  15. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Love, prayers, and massive positive vibes going your way boys.
  16. Was there on Wednesday and Thursday, ice on Hubba Hubba was not too inspiring.
  17. Helmet Visor for Ice Climbing?

    Grivel used to make one, I think.
  18. moving to Bend. Please advise

    Hey Crackers, sorry the gunks house warming party never materialized. Gonna try to throw a going away shindig together for the weekend of the 19-20th. Pm us if you are gonna be game. MLC from neice.com made these up from the last darkside party. Good times, Good times. mso's
  19. moving to Bend. Please advise

    Looks like we are gonna be pulling up stakes in the North East on the 21st of August. If anyone had any beta on cool stuff in Bend it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. funny

    Sorry if ya'll saw this but had it sent to me again and love it. wicked long loading, sorry. http://www.endofworld.net/
  21. Another Photo Caption Contect

    I am the ruler of the world.