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  1. You know you've been posting too much on cc.com...

    OMG! HAHAHA! I had not seen that before. Who ever created that image has the creative genius of a taod!!! I am appalled!
  2. You know you've been posting too much on cc.com...

    Phones are aid! Dru is a telepathic creature that phones other galactic universes!
  3. discuss

    Ha Ha, Dru wears tights!
  4. In

    http://www.craghag.com/scgi-bin/gallery/gallery_detail.cgi?search=search&ID=sk_01 I think sombody needs to clean the lenz on their camera, come on, finger prints degrade good photos.
  5. Double Check

    For the sake of all that is good and moldy... Please double check all gear and techniques.... accident Report: My 17 year old climbing partner was climbing last wen. and took a nasty fall... this young man was on the verg of being great... a hell of a lot better climber than I am... although his repeling technique is a little shaddy... after soloing a route and then on his way back down the rope sliped from his hand... a 45 foot fall later, he landed on his feet, chrushing several vertibets... and cracking sereval more.... Broken back... he is out of comision for at least a year.... but at least he is not paralized... I wish none of you the same... and hope you will double check your shit for the sake of your friends and family...
  6. Double Check

    One and the same ty, thanks for the suport ya'll I'll be sure to let him know that we all are hopin' for the best, I'm off to set up his bedroom for when he gets back from the Hospital today.... late...
  7. Double Check

    He was repeling and his style is to bring his arm and hand way out away from his body to get a faster and further drop between jumps... he lost the rope and took the plung...
  8. xTreme Hiking

    How far below the tree line does the snow lay??? Did you run into many masquetos yet??? The reason I ask is that I have a budy that is up from yucca valley and wanted to take him up three finger jack or mt. Washington, but last year when I waited for the trail to clear the blood sucking bugs where so bad that we had to cover every inch of skin with thick clouthing... repelant had no effect what so ever...
  9. Roping Up

    Much better to rope up in teams of two, I only rope up with one person and one person only... if there are any one else coming on a trip, I make them find a another person that they trust to rope up with... I don't do trains...
  10. poison ivy

    There is no pioson ivy growing in Oregon... most people mistake pioson oak for ivy, because it grow in three different forms, a small and manly leaf veriety that is in the shade or undergrowth, a large woody shrub in the open clearings, and a very devious vine that usally cralls up trees or better yet the side of a nice climb... the leaves of the vine like oak even resemble posion ivy leaves; as you mite guess it is mistaken for pioson ivy... another fact about the oak is that it dosn't grow above a sertain elevation, not sure exsactly how high but it is very evedent when climbing up a slope that is coverd with the baster brush and then all of a sudden it is never seen again untill you're on your way back down... have seen it when climbing up in the mountains? have you seen it when you are on the aproach to a wall in the lower valley areas? A very good way to avoid the nasty rash one might get is by observation... know your plants, it might just save you life some day...
  11. poison ivy

    Poison Oak.... Ivy is an east coast thing... WHITE GAS... something oganic with natural steriods....
  12. Daisy Chains - Yea ... or Nay?

    Never used one and probable never will.... though I should probably never say never....
  13. Baker Road 39 Condition

    There is a Baker in Oregon... It depends if you are going into the Bitter roots Or if you Are going into the eagle caps.... The eagle caps on the south side sould be good, the north side is the side that is questionable... that is where I am going this weekend over by Terminal Gravity... Joseph - Enterprize area.... Back to Backer in Oregon, I think it is 36 not 39 that goes into the mountains...
  14. ODOT Plowing Cascade Lakes Hwy

    I'm suprized it took this long to open... I was up there a month ago... the opening of fish season for the cascade lakes... and the snow was few and far between...
  15. No Canucks

    Maple leafs still in it....