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  1. Cell Phone W/ GPS

    Yes, as far as I know there isn't a fully featured phone/GPS combo. I think so far all they have done is made it possible for others to find you when you are talking on the phone, for like you say, emergency services. I don't think you are able to pull your coordinates off of the phone for your own use in the field. They have combined GPS units with radios however.
  2. who uses WiFi???

    Not sure what information you are looking for. Yes, it works. Yes, it is convenient. Typically, locations with WiFi have high speed access, so they are going to be faster than a dial up line. Most of the time the WiFi speed is slower than if you plugged straight into the ethernet port like you would with DSL, but it still is pretty good. Some networks restrict you from using your POP email for sending mail out, but usually you can receive it (probably to avoid responsibility for spammers). I'm guessing here, since otherwise I'm not sure why sometimes it doesn't work for me. Web based email like hotmail and yahoo are no problem though. Free access points http://seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/WhereToGetOn http://www.wififreespot.com/
  3. RMI loosing control

    Here is a standard passage that you can use to provide more of an explanation. From Ultralingua:
  4. Fee Demo Extended

    Volunteering to pay fees into a system that is wasteful and ineffectual at fixing the problems it is supposed to address doesn't solve anything either. Unless the goal is to lighten the wallets of anybody within reach.
  5. For The Lovebirds

    cold weather three-legged races?
  6. Fee Demo Extended

    So having to pay a user fee to get the privies cleaned is the same as living in Nazi Germany? Please. No, the fee just encourages the Forest service to install the outhouses. And that is only because they want to have the minimum "improvements" to be able to charge fees. They are under no obligation to maintain them whether you pay or not. One of the things that bugs me about supporters of the fee is that they don't do it based on reality. If you believe the money goes to the trail maintainence you are for the fees. Yet if the Forest Service were a charity soliciting for funds, they would be taken to court for fraud for how little money actually makes it to the purported cause. Wake up, the money is not going to the trails (at least not in the proportions that they would like you to believe). Lest we forget, the GAO report revealed that the Forest Service misrepresented how much it costs to administer the program. For every dollar that comes in, 1/2 is spent in administering the collection program. This is before they have made a decision as to what to spend the money on. There is no obligation as to what they are able to spend the funds on. In addition, they have no idea if they are contributing in any meaningful way to the reknown "maintenance backlog", because they don't track it. Nor do they even have appropriate accounting of what these maintenance needs are. http://www.americanwhitewater.org/archive/article/851/ Now this new legislation proposes to make permanent a mismanaged, inefficient program. That is like taking the Chairman of Enron and putting him in charge of national energy policy (oops, now why does this sound familiar?)
  7. Digital Cameras

    Not exactly an easy question to answer, since not all publications even embrace digitally captured images today. A good bet though, is whatever someone thinks is "just good enough" today, will not commercially be worth the price of the bargain CD its burned on in a relatively short period of time. Also if you are concerned about maintaining quality, you should probably be thinking about RAW files too. The best quality you can use now extends the usable lifespan of your photo inventory. Beyond that, here is an organization that is working on getting folks to talk about standards more: http://www.disc-info.org/specifications/
  8. Dick Cheney being true to his name

    Always interesting to see how the press reports this since it causes problems with swearing over the airwaves. King5 referred to him using the "F word", while KUOW (or it might have been NPR, I'm not sure which) said: "Cheney told Leahy to do something that was anatomically impossible"
  9. Desparately Seeking New Stove

    MSR Simmerlite is lighter than the Whisperlite and has some modest improvements. Slightly more controllable on the flame. In reality, you have to decide if you are a weight nazi or want something relatively cheap on fuel. Weight nazis seem to like the canister stoves like Pocket Rocket (and others) but they are probably is best used for circumstances where you aren't melting snow and are making simple stuff that doesn't require extensive fuel consumption like simmering. Longer trips, melting snow, and longer simmer times might direct you into a refillable gas stove, of which my current preference is a Simmerlite. If you need to be able to use it in third world environments with multi-fuel capacity, the XGK is a long established standard.
  10. iraq or bust

    Once you try to tell a story, even if you try to tell both sides, you selectively edit what to include. In the process, an opinion is made as to what would tell the story. You would never be able to show it all, so you abbreviate to make the story as clear and full of whatever impact you are trying to convey. My point is if the editor doesn't have a clear opinion of what story he is trying to tell, you have a film that is unwatchable because you can't figure out why you are wasting so many hours watching someone else's life pass before your eyes.
  11. iraq or bust

    "All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth." —Richard Avedon To have a true documentary, you would be trying to tell a story in real time, and your audience would have left the theater before any point could be made. Even then, you would still suffer from the prospect that merely the presence of someone recording the events might have changed the outcome compared to if someone wasn't there.
  12. Yet another Lib Ridge accident

    Not that you want to count on it, but recall that the other most recent death on Liberty Ridge managed to have their rope snag on something during the fall and that kept them from traveling further down.
  13. Nepal airfare question . .. .

    It seems like that airfare doesn't change a whole lot, as it was about the same 1100-1200 or so 15 years ago too. The only advice I can think of is watch your restrictions for rescheduling. You will likely be gone a while, and by the time you get closer to your return trip, you may have changed your mind on when you want to do it. That, and look at the prospect of using outfits like Thai Airlines, as they have a track record of better service than folks like United. It used to be you could save a few bucks flying into Malaysia (may or may not be the case now). From there, you wouldn't be that far from the skinny middle part of the country where you typically might go for your beach visit.
  14. Binding mounting blunder

    2mm is relatively little. Probably more important is if all the components of the binding are equally off-center (assuming there is a toe and a heel piece). If the toe were centered and the heel off (or vice-versa) then additional wear and tear on the bindings or if they are releaseable, release characteristics might be affected. If you have a choice, you might have the side that the binding is mounted closer to be your inner edge. I would imagine it would be easier to get edge bite that way.
  15. Travelocity is good!

    They may have done right by you on this, but I just tried to book a domestic ticket, and on one leg the software only offered one return trip time for a given day. When the same info was entered in expedia.com, I had the choice of about 5 times that travelocity acted as though they didn't exist. Much as I hate anything remotely connected to Microsoft, I ended up booking a time with expedia that more fit my needs. Anybody have recommendations for web choices other than these? You definitely need to pay attention with these web options, because they put in default dates whenever the page gets refreshed. At least they don't let you travel back in time (I tried)