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  1. (got): Sony RX100 or similar point-and-shoot

    I paid $205, and spent another $50ish on cases, batteries, etc. Got lucky and found an ebay auction that only had one other person looking at it. Got it in the mail yesterday and am very pleased with it so far. Excited to be able to take photos one-handed, on-route; something that's pretty hard to do with a phone. Comparison between my Motorola Moto G4 (phone) and Steph Abegg's RX100: Moto G4: https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4332/37030874371_98afeacef1_o.jpg RX100: https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4380/36983321046_b4ba90c233_o.jpg
  2. (got): Sony RX100 or similar point-and-shoot

    Thanks for the tip Norman, ended up with a RX100 Mk1 for significantly less.
  3. --EDIT: got one, thanks!-- I want a camera that's small enough to clip on a harness or outside of a pack all the time. My friend has a first-generation RX100 that seems pretty ideal, but I'd also be interested in a Canon G-series, Lumix LX100, and other cameras in that category. Anyone looking to get rid of such a camera? Would much rather buy here than eBay. Located in Seattle.
  4. Stuff is on fire

    The smoke did not take long to move back into the Enchantments after the rain cleared it out on Saturday
  5. [TR] Forbidden Peak - West ridge moat 8/6/2017

    Gear notes: helmets, riot shields, Glad you guys are okay!
  6. Ptarmigan Traverse Exit

    Definitely leave the skis at home. When we did it S-N we skied: 1. Spire Point to just below White Rock Lakes (aka the Dana Glacier), 2. a quick traverse of the South Cascade Glacier, 3. the Le Conte Glacier, 4. Le Conte ridge down to Yang Yang Lakes, 5. the Middle Cascade Glacier, and 6. Cache Col to Cascade Pass (almost) If we were going N-S, we could have skied: 1. Spider-Formidable Col to Yang Yang Lakes, 2. Le Conte ridge to bottom of Le Conte glacier, 3. Le Conte-Sentinel Col to South Cascade glacier, 4. South Cascade Glacier to White Rock Lakes, 5. Spire Point to Cub Lake I suspect all these runs will involve at least one carry now. The problem with the N-S runs is that most of them are not fall-line; you're just trying to maintain elevation as long as possible. This will be much more difficult as the snow starts to melt out, mostly because moats you have to traverse under will be bigger and further downhill. What would have been the best N-S run, Spire Point to Cub Lake, is south-facing and could be melted out by now. We skinned from Cub Lake to Spire Point, but otherwise either booted or skied the rest. The frequent transitions and steep traversing made booting faster.
  7. Ptarmigan Traverse Exit

    I went S-N on July 1-2, taking the Downey Creek trail to Bachelor Creek, to Cub Lake, to the Spire Point col. There has been some work done on the upper Bachelor Creek "trail", as evidenced by orange flagging, and generally speaking the trail is pretty well beaten-in. If you miss the flagging, the easiest way down would be through the pine forest on the descender's right side of the valley. Unless you have skis, you shouldn't have much trouble even if you end up tunneling through alder for a bit. Going uphill through alder with skis was fun.
  8. [TR] Baker - North Ridge 6/25/2017

    Anyone been on this route recently?
  9. Bought this approach setup this fall for a trip that never happened. Should have posted before AK season, I guess. Anyway: Photos here: https://goo.gl/photos/GGPuqojtfijerQbC6 Hagan Tour Carbon, 167cm (straight pull), I believe a ~70mm waist. Edges, bases, topsheets are fine. It's not a new ski. Topsheet and base graphics depict strong shirtless men flexing, which improves your chances of a successful alpine-style ascent. Super neat-o Neptune Mountaineering decals and a piece of tape that says "Colin" included for free. Silvretta 404, I believe the medium/normal size ("N"?). Of course I forgot to check this morning. Fits size 42.5 La Sportiva Nepal Evos, which I think are around 300mm BSL, near the middle of the adjustment range. Advanced Base Camp straight mohair skins. These have a small metal hook that fits in a groove in the tail, and a stretchy rubber tab for the toe similar to BCA skins. Glue isn't great, but I didn't have any problems with the skins coming off or getting snow under them during the one time I used these. I paid $170, and would like to get that back. I have seen Silvretta setups sell for over $300 recently. Would really prefer not to ship. Located in North Seattle; can meet somewhere between Greenlake, UW campus and SBP. Would consider selling just the bindings if you really really don't want the skis, but don't expect the price to drop very much.
  10. Jackets found .. thanks guys

    Email sent; small dark blue BD Dawn Patrol LT softshell in good shape.
  11. WTT: Beer for trashed rigid boots

    That's a damn good price for fruit boots, but this will be an altogether sillier project than that. In any case I will be picking up some old Asolos tonight.
  12. WTT: Beer for trashed rigid boots

    Edit: probably have some, pending pick-up Anyone in Seattle have a pair of step-in crampon-compatible boots lying around they're trying to get rid of? Leather slightly preferred over plastic; something like La Sportiva Nepals would be perfect. Preferably around size 42, but this isn't too important either. Don't care about the condition of the uppers as long as the sole will still hold a crampon. Will be used for a silly project, so I can't justify spending more than the cost of a fancy 6-pack of your choice. Thanks!
  13. Winter camping near Lillooet?

    Turns out I have more time off than anticipated and flights are cheap Thanksgiving day, so I'm headed to the desert to climb splitters with everyone from CO. There may be a Seattle-area group headed to Hyalite, though; I will certainly be there for the ice fest. I am assuming that if ice starts coming in in the Lillooet area we'd hear about it on the West Coast Ice facebook page, but maybe not. In any case, it looks like highs in the 40s for the forseeable future up there.
  14. Alpine climbing in Chamonix in January

    The late great Andreas Fransson skiing the Col de L'Aiguille Verte (line #1 on the topo): Route detail on the Couloir Couturier (line #4) including some ski beta and history: http://www.camptocamp.org/routes/54983/fr/aiguille-verte-couloir-couturier