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  1. Outdoor Filmaking Training?

    Hey fellow mountain folks, So I'm trying my best to get into ethnographic/ documentary filmmaking. If anyone knows a place that does this sort of thing in the NW Washington area, please let me know. If any of you cyber dudes knows how to work with editing software (ie. final cut pro, adobe premiere, etc.), I would greatly appreciate learning from you. I have been filming with a Cannon ZR 25 and have some footage to work with. I want to do a lot of climbing/ mountaineering work in the Cascades this summer. Ultimately I want to return to Nepal, where I studied for a while, and do video work over there. Contact me at: christopherbadgett@hotmail.com Thanks, Chris
  2. Accident at Vantage

  3. Climbing Movie

    The Best Climbing movie of all time is the EIGER SANCTION w/ Clint Eastwood. You can get it at Trek Video in Fairhaven in the Eastwood section.
  4. Best Climber?

    Mr. Hanky without a doubt! "My y'all do smell an aweful lot like flowers."

    Hey thanks for the beta y'all. Especially you fishstick. I bet you are a virgo. I printed out your directions and will be wandering around the west ridge real soon in hopefully the same awesome weather we are having now. Muchas Gracias!!!!!!!!!!

    Where are some good Ice Climbing Places in this area for second week in March? Is Lilowet still in? How about Tumwater Canyon? And where is Tumwater anyways?
  7. Fave all time climbs

  8. More close calls

    Check out the song: "You left me in a hole" by Yonder Mountain String Band!
  9. Climbing Ice With Only One Boot

    I forgot my harness once, so I made one out of webbing!
  10. Scale for Weighing Gear

    Use a fish scale if you want cheap. Next in accuracy would be a tripple beam. Borrow that one from your chronic burnin buddies. Next is digital. Don't waste your money; buy climbing gear instead!
  11. Drinking and Climbing

    I find that one or two beers helps me to relax and focus on the absolute present while climbing. More than that, and I've lost that minute balance that is important to climbers

    Hey so my good friend is coming out to Bellingham second week in March and were wondering what some good late winter peaks were worth checking out within a couple hours from Bellingham. I was thinking the west ridge of the North Twin; any other sugestions? We are looking for awesome routes of moderate difficulty. Hey what's Baker or Shuksun like in March? Recomendations?

    So I've been driving aroung Mosquito Lake Road trying to find the access road to the twins (Blue mtn. rd.?) I think I figured out which road it was, but there was a an open gate with a posted sign by the Cambell group :No motorized vehicles beyond this point/ gate may be closed and locked at any time." So who is the cambell group, and how do I access the North Twin. Do I have to start hiking from Mosquito Lake Road? Beta Please!