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  1. Felt F80 58cm road bike

    I've only had this bike for 2 months and only ridden it about 300 miles. Just not into cycling like I thought I would be. These bikes are excellent quality! It has a cycling computer(professionally installed) but otherwise it is stock. You can go to feltracing.com to see the specs. Total price w/computer was $1050.00 My price is $800
  2. Looking for a guide up Mt Rainier

    The time of year that I took them was July when there's a billion people and there's no question about route finding. I understand and respect your opinion though don't get me wrong. These were not dumb or unsafe people, one was an ER physician and the other was a paramedic. I could see that if I didn't know these 2 very well and didn't spend time with them beforehand it could've been disasterous.
  3. Rainier Friday/Sat

    The only thing I wasn't going to bring was the rope, hoping to hop on with someone but I guess I can bring one. Direct would be fine too, I'm down for anything.
  4. Looking for a guide up Mt Rainier

    I took two people up last year who had never been up and I plan to do the same this year. It was fun, everybody was safe, and it was succesful. I did spend a day going over everything with them and made sure that they could do every part efficiently, without help or coaching.
  5. Greetings from Kathmandu

    Nice! I hope to do the same sometime soon. Any advice?
  6. Rainier Friday/Sat

    Thank you for the info, hope somebody will be kind enough to let me join them.
  7. Rainier Friday/Sat

    I'm going to be up at Muir friday with a friend who isn't interested in trying to summit. Anybody plan to be there and attempting a summit friday night please let me know. I've summited 3 times all from the DC, and I'd like to try the Gib Ledge. And since I'm unfamiliar with this route, is it something that could be soloed safely? Thanks for any info.
  8. Rainier Friday/Sat

    UBB12-ML-327684-ML- Moved to climbing partners.
  9. 1987 Subaru GL Wagon

    I must be one of the last people on Earth that doesn't have a digital camera, so no pictures. The car is very clean inside and out, it has one scratch (somebody keyed it)on the driver's side. The paint otherwise is in great shape and the interior is surprisingly clean for the age. No rust at all either. It has A/C, CD, and it's a 5-speed with 4WD. I can work on finding a digital camera if you're truly interested. Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks.
  10. 1987 Subaru GL Wagon

    I am in the market for a nice road bike, if somebody has a Trek, Softride, Specialized, etc. I would be willing to trade as well.
  11. 1987 Subaru GL Wagon

    OK, $1300? It's a GREAT car!
  12. 1987 Subaru GL Wagon

    1987 Subaru, 194,xxx miles, runs good and it's very clean. This is my winter commuter from Spokane to Moses Lake, it's very dependable. I just put about $300 into it for a tune up and exhaust. $1500 (I need more gear!)
  13. Gibralter Wall?

    Has anybody been there recently or know what the conditions are? Don't want to waste a trip this weekend.
  14. FS: Denali gear

    I'll give you $250 for the bag
  15. Softshell and fleece vest.

    I'll take the jacket. PM e-mail or call.