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  1. Hi!Arc Teryx Gamma MX Hoody, Men’s Small, Red, in like new condition for $150. It’s been worn around town a handful of times and is in great condition. I don’t use it much so I might as well get rid of it. This is a great deal with retail price being $350. Thanks!
  2. *Bump* Price drop - $50 for the set free shipping.
  3. Hey all, I have 8 BD Quicksilver Quickdraws. They are the shorter length, 12cm I believe. Some are about 10 years old and even though they haven't been used for about 4 years I would recommend replacing the slings. The biners are still good and they have been used and stored properly. $50 for the set and I'll ship for free! Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have a couple of screws and a headlamp. The screws are brand new, still in packaging BD Turbo Express (1x19cm, 1x22cm). $40 a piece. The headlamp is a slightly used, older BD Vectra IQ. Info can be found here: BD Vectra IQ It retailed for $65, I'm asking $30 OBO. Alright, thanks for looking!
  5. Update - I have 2 left: 1-19cm 1-22cm $40 a piece Again, these are brand new, still in packagaing. (No these were not stolen from RedPoint, check the date of my original post and these are the older style with a single hanger.) Thanks!
  6. 1-13cm 1-19cm 1-22cm All brand new, never used, still in packaging. $40 each.
  7. Hello, I have six BD Quicksilver quickdraws - barely used, like new. $10 a piece or $50 for all six. Thanks!
  8. Hey, I've got some brand new Turbo Express screws: 1x13cm 1x19cm 1x22cm $40 a pop - again, brand new still in packaging. PM me and let me know if you want them. Thanks!
  9. Update - I have the following left: 1 x 13cm 1 x 19cm 1 x 22cm Thanks!
  10. Price drop - Draws are $9 a piece, Screws(brand new) are $40 a piece.
  11. Hello, I've got some BD Quicksilver quickdraws, they are slightly used but still very shiny and new. $9 each. I also have some BD Turbo Express Ice Screws. These are brand new and still in the original packaging. These are the older style with a single hanger but still with the turning crank handle. I have 3x13cm, 2x19cm, 2x22cm 16cm screws are sold $40 each Please PM me with your email address or phone number if you are interested. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hi! I have a pair of slightly used BD Guide Gloves. They retail at $160, I am asking $60 OBO. They are Gore Tex with a removable Primaloft liner. These gloves keep your hands warm and dry. Thanks!
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