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  1. Yes absolutely. Very "out"! It's pure madness up there right now.
  2. 2nd photo...looks like view from summit of Gothic. Delcampo in foreground, Sloan & Glacier in back, right?
  3. Short approach, fun rock & great tanning weather. Ditto to what PP said regarding the slick rocks down low. For the log crossing impared...beware!
  4. Short approach, fun rock & great tanning weather. Very enjoyable. Ditto to what PP said regarding the slick rocks down low. Beware the log crossing.
  5. A long day then...what time did u start? Sounds interesting, though probably not solo. Hey, hopin' you cut a nice swath through the brush up bachelor creek. We're headed that way this wkend. Post some photos...
  6. Ahh, right...was thinkin' the Slog route. Though not familiar w/ W. face I would be open to doing that instead. You up for it?
  7. My God! You're attained chief Wanker status. Congratulations!
  8. loooooong day trip...Thursday. Anyone interested?
  9. shhh...don't want this thread to turn into a 10 page bitch-fest again.
  10. Redmonk, oo9...any interest in going after Shuksan again? Prefer FC route...
  11. I find that hard to believe. Early season (as in no later than July)??
  12. Ok...will revisit earlier in the season next time. I don't see how anyone would put up with the approach as it is right now.
  13. Well, shit man...everyone says to "stay high" when traversing along Shuksan arm. How high? Going in, we generally followed Jim Nelson's description, that is, take the road from lodge to clearcut & proceed until you reach forest. There was a faint trail up to this point, but beyond that things just got nasty. Difficult creek crossings forced us to alternatively lose or gain elevation...we burned hours struggling though this bit. Finally we reached the snow in the basin but still had to endure yet another unavoidable bushwhack section. We tried to avoid the second of the two bushwhacks on the return by taking a series of parallel snow fingers/creeks up high on Shuksan arm. We ended up about 1000ft above a ski run & hiked back down a ridge between canyons & cliffy terrain into what I think is the lower boundary of the popular backcountry ski area there (Hemispheres?). We crossed a creek bed, hiked briefly back up the other side & ended up underneath the chairlift. If it wasn't for the rain greasing down the steep heather, this approach variation seems reasonable, but with much elevation gain & loss.
  14. Is there such a thing as a worse bushwhack than getting to the N. face? What a freakin' nightmare!
  15. Yes, most definitely! Mr. weatherman f@#ked us again!
  16. Oh yeah!! What was that address again??
  17. Don't be a puss Tom. Oh, and I just tried calling you.
  18. Yikes!! Was that while they were on the face or in the basin below the face?
  19. Any current route information at this late point in the day would be greatly appreciated. Recommend return via White Salmon or FC's? Bike back down from artist point??
  20. Have you considered simply traversing the East side of Boston peak from the Boston-Sahale col? Going this way, you won't need any rock pro or do any raps. The going is somewhat loose class 4 scrambling but shouldn't pose too much of a problem. If the N. face of Buckner is your objective, consider going up over Sahale via Sahale arm. That way you will return to the Cascade pass parking area after gaining the arm on the return leg of your trip.
  21. So MountainMan, why don't you tell us why you were moaning like a baboon in heat on the summit? Something to do with too much strong coffee & tabasco sauce as I recall...
  22. In your opinion, is it better to try & get a permit Fri. night before they close or early Sat. morning when they open??
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