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  1. New Forum!

    I'm against user fees!
  2. Crevasse rescue on Baker...

  3. test

    Fishin' for flames, Danny? We'll see you back in a couple of days with a nice new name.
  4. Re. REI - Anybody notice? Anybody care?

    Besides, don't they get a good part of their wholesale cost back when they sell thier returns at the garage sales? [This message has been edited by bjorn (edited 08-09-2001).]
  5. Re. REI - Anybody notice? Anybody care?

    Oh yeah, back to the topic - I've been wondering how long they could turn a profit with all of their spending on that flagship store, new stores in the middle of nowhere, etc. I guessed that that monument to themselves would lose it's attraction in a few months....
  6. Re. REI - Anybody notice? Anybody care?

    Gotta tell you I've had a couple of embarassing situations at REI. I went in there recently and asked the guy in the green vest in the sleeping bag section "Where are the bivy bags?" His answer: "What's a bivy bag?" He was serious. I couldn't beleive it. Another time I asked someone at the hardware counter a question. The guy working there hadn't heard of Kong climbing hardware. I usually don't ask them questions anyway. I just go there to buy something that I already have in mind and get out. But if someone else has it cheaper, I'm there.
  7. REI is selling MSR. http://seattlep-i.nwsource.com/business/34210_rei07.shtml Closed one of their stores in Japan, too. Been overspending the last few years? [This message has been edited by bjorn (edited 08-07-2001).]
  8. Dan's Dreadful Direct restored

    Retro- Screw the bolts and hangers - just tell me where I can get me one of those Dayton Bars!
  9. New Things That I like

    Smart Wool.
  10. Dan's Dreadful Direct restored

    Would anyone care to post some tips and advice for removing unsightly bolts from your favorite pristine mountains? Maybe set up a website?
  11. Message to you people that like to threaten me :)

    What makes him think that him and his two buddies are the majority?
  12. A story in the works

    I'm with Blister. Sounds ridiculous. Count me in, too. I've actually been published, but I won't say where (that's how low it was).
  13. Dan's Dreadful Direct restored

    Oh, alright - I lurk here a lot but rarely post, but I gotta say this... I wouldn't mind seeing ALL bolts removed from our mountains. You add a bolt, and it's not just a mountain anymore. Just like adding a road or a gondola. Just more man-made litter trashing up the mountains. Save the bolts for the outdoor sport-climbing gyms like Vantage or Exit 38. And I don't care if they break their arms patting themselves on the back in self-congratulation for doing it! Small price for a good job.
  14. Ways to cut pack weight?

    Use your bootlaces for prussiks.
  15. Ways to cut pack weight?

    Cut the lables off your pack. You can also cut an additional 2 - 3 inches off of your shoulder straps and hip belt.