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  1. Noway

    Gay Marriage

    Wait a minute, that is Trask. I can recognize an ex-lover anywhere.
  2. Speaking of Lowa Denali, will sell my well used ones, size 13 with red liners for best offer.
  3. Noway

    You guys suck

    Interesting topic Mattp, I've thought of the same myself, but the entertainment value keeps me coming back. Some of these imbeciles are more interesting than Leykis or Stern.
  4. Get out the oder eaters!
  5. QUOTE]just curious how you define "winter" ... and is earlier or later generally best?[/QB Late winter, early spring, just wait for felicitous weather conditions and go for it.
  6. Winter is actually the best time to attempt the Gib Ledge if you don't mind climbing, traversing steep exposed snow.(ledges are snow covered) Return via Ingraham Direct, Cadaver gap, that way you avoid potential rockfall and downclimbing steep shit.
  7. Noway

    Weather Sux!

    Let's hear your football picks (nfl or ncaa) for this weekend. Rams vs 49ers, no brainer,right?
  8. Noway

    Got a gun

    Man walked into a bar, God that's got to hurt.
  9. I don't care how long it took chestbeater, just post the details.
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