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  1. Tim Oneil Slideshow

    Tim Oneil slideshow at the Tractor Tavern Tuesday Dec 9th @ 8pm FREE! Put on by Second Ascent and Montrail.
  2. B.D. Viper cheap!!!

    OK I can go $160.00 that's below wholesale. I guarantee you will not find a brand new, never used one that cheep. Buy it now because the deals off in a couple days.
  3. B.D. Viper cheap!!!

    I am selling a Black Diamond Viper Ice tool with a Viper Android leash NEVER USED ! $180.00 retail=$271.50 for the setup. yes its a hammer, yes I know its not water ice season, yes its cheap cause I need the money. NEVER USED, BRAND NEW!!! cascadelama@hotmail
  4. Glacier Peak speed record

    I Know a guy who climbed frostbite ridge car to car in 13 hours and 45 min.
  5. Eldorado NW Couloir TR

    1987 AAJ " El Dorado Peak North Couloir. The north face of Eldorado Peak is a hazardous enigma. In October, Dan Cauthorn and I --carrying plenty of noodles and tuna packed in oil--emerged from the depths of the Cascade forest empire to investigate this hidden facet of the "Queen of the Cascade River." There were no clouds to cause concern (still, you never know.) We left our camp below the west face of El Dorado at six A.M. and walked toward the Dorado Needle-El Dorado col until we could climb onto the glacier beneath the north face of El Dorado. The elegant and unmistakable couloir required 6 to 8 pitches of frozen snow and water ice between 55 and 90 degrees, finishing on the knife-edged summit arete. On the summit at one P.M., Cauthorn summed it all up:"Good climb, good climb....I think so, dont you" (III) William Pilling "
  6. Second Ascent address?

    5209 Ballard ave across the street from 20th ave nw.
  7. Looking Mt. Index beta

    I dont think it has seen a second ascent yet can anyone else confirm?
  8. Mt Thompson Suitable for Beginning Leader

  9. Solo Bely Devices

    I have used the solo-aid a fair bit and can say that it works well on aid and maybe moderate free climbing. You have to feed it yourself by hand but it feeds very smoothly after your a third of a ropelength out before that its not as smooth. I havent used any other devise so I have nothing to compare it to but it works for me!
  10. Rainier Oct 1-2

    Dan I would be interested in climbing the D.C. on the first and second. I have allways avoided that side of the mountain for fear of the crowds but it will probobly be allright by now, and the route should be slightly more interesting now. If your interested or are still looking for a partner I will be working at second ascent mon-wed this week. Kendall
  11. Royal Columns the Bend

    Right on lucky! Hey I need to get back on the rock Ive been climbing mostly snow and ice for the past year and a half and would be really psyched to go climbing with you again! ( give me a call I work at second ascent in ballard 545-8810) Kendall
  12. Mt Logan in a day?

    I will deffinitly post my trip report but it may not be untill next year. I want to be in marathon shape before I try it and I'll do my best not to bivy but its deffinitly a possibility. Thank you so much fo telling me about your trip, this was exactlly the type of info I was looking for.
  13. Guides Jumping the Mountain Madness Ship

    who else has left and what were their resons?
  14. Brand new Patagonia jackets

    why arent you working for them anymore?
  15. Mt Logan in a day?

    In an effort to come up with a original name I chose something of great interest to me and used its Tibetan word, How did you come up with your cascadeclimbers name? Didnt expect it to get so much attention but hey whatever floats your boat. I,m not used to my user name being made fun of, so my appology if I havent chosen a good name. Thank you to all that posted usefull responses to the actual question. Oh yeah and lambone you should try to get out more the vertical world attitude seems to be permanently imbeded in your posts!