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  1. TR - Flapjack lakes/Sawtooth Ridge

    Oh Brother!!!!!!
  2. The Mountaineers

    Nonsense you can always find bad things to say about the mountie wimps.
  3. The Mountaineers

    Worry not Grasshopper. You are just one of thousands who feel the same way.
  4. Glacier Peak speed record

    Not bad. I wasted alot of time deciding whether or not to cross a crevass field and probably too much time up on top looking around. If I do it again I'll jog more.
  5. Adams - South route, avy conditions

    The snow should have compacted enough to be safe. Slopes between 30 and 45 degrees are the most prone. Check the weather conditions, if there is new snow over a hard layer "beware"!
  6. Glacier Peak speed record

    Well since we're talkin records, my personal record on Glacier Peak was a solo from the trail head to summit and back to the trail head in 17 hours straight.07/04/93
  7. Ellinor

    Thanks for the report. I was thinking about doing a conditioner. Did you has a good glissade ?
  8. Guided Mt. Olympus.

    I'll do it for $175pp plus I'll supply the Z-Pulley system and I'm an Outdoor Emergency Care Technician.
  9. Guided Mt. Olympus.

    What is "Olympic Mountaineering"? Is this like a company or something or what? Is it like for real?
  10. Ski Adams or, Jefferson

    I want to ski Adams 6/15/02. South side route. Have you ever skied there? I really don't know the roads well but I'll get some maps and figure it out.
  11. climbing, anyone?

    Amber, darling I was happily married until I checked out your profile. The divorce papers are being worked on now. Oh sure I’ll climb you, oooahh I meant I’ll go climbing with you any time.
  12. Kangaroo Ridge information

    I'm low on the Tenino status pole. I only have one dead car and a travel trailer in my yard. However my pickup truck does work. [ 06-06-2002, 11:58 AM: Message edited by: roboclimber ]
  13. Kangaroo Ridge information

    Yes, I rest my ice axe in the tiny village of Tenino, where there are more pickup trucks than residents.
  14. Sloan Peak

    Mike, Good data to consider. I'll keep an eye on the snow melt. Bedal Creek trail may be an alternative, but I don't really know the area very well. Do you have any suggestions?
  15. Sloan Peak

    I think I can talk my climbing buddy into doing Sloan the second weekend of July. How does that sound?