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  1. Plastic boots

    I have a pair of Invernos that I want to sell, I personally enjoy my super mountain 9's for all of my pursuits and have only used my invernos a couple of times and would like to sell them. they are in really good shape, and would part with them for around $200, i'm a size 12 lbs
  2. FS: Vertical World Membership (good til 4/2/02!)

    i only had one person respond to the raffel ticket offer. Oh well, i thought it was a good idea! I just sold the membership, thanks for your interest to those who replied. lsb
  3. stoves

    thanks for the info gboy. my dragon fly assed out on me only after using it on a couple of long trips and requires much cleaning... guess i'll go whine and get a free tool cheers boyscout
  4. just some guy

    haf u seen me besball?
  5. FS: Vertical World Membership (good til 4/2/02!)

    Raffle tickets would be $10 so far I've had one person email me saying they'd buy 3, which is a big start! If the raffle doesn't work out (not enough interest) Then I'll sell for $400 and give 1/2 to cc.com mail: beefchub@hotmail.com lbs Mad Dog Patrol Troop 626 Newport Hills
  6. FS: Vertical World Membership (good til 4/2/02!)

    Thanks Lamb. OK, I have a better idea. Since I really want to sell this thing (I've already paid my credit card bill so its a sunk cost) and I want someone to use the damn thing here is what I propose: I would like to conduct a raffel for this year long pass, but at the same time, I want to generate some cash for the fine BBS we have here. I know we all use and dig the site so I want to help give back to the folks who so kindly run it for us. So here is what I hope to do: Sell Virtual Raffel tickets for the Season Pass at a cost of $10 per ticket. The ticket proceeds will be donated to cascadeclimbers.com to help pay for the hosting of the site. We all have a really good resource here, and I want to do my part to make sure it stays around and continues to grow, so this will be a chance for us all to help out and make this thing work. As for me getting paid back... if the raffel goes well (alot of interest) then it would be cool for me to get a bit of a kick back, but if not, all is well, someone gets a pass, and we all get to use the site! I'm willing to raffel this bad boy off and donate as long as 60 tickets are sold. Send me Private messages if you would buy a ticket and how many. Jon and myself would do the ticket distribution drawing and money collection. Am I an idiot or would people be interested??? -cheers lbs [This message has been edited by the last boyscout (edited 04-11-2001).]
  7. FS: Vertical World Membership (good til 4/2/02!)

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX edited dude, many flames come to mind, but I will hold myself back EAD man, EAD [This message has been edited by the last boyscout (edited 04-09-2001).]
  8. in my infidite wisdom, i purchased a years pass at V world on 4/1/01 but, turns out i'm moving close to a real nice outdoor gym in central oregon... So i have a brand spankin new seasons pass that is looking for a new and worthy home. I obviously paid $450 + tax, and i've only used it twice (like that means much but what they hey!). I'll take the best offer, but would really like to at least get $400 for it. Vworld is being very lame and not refunding the pass for me, so I'm getting juiced big time on this one, but I guess thats life huh? anyone interested? The buyer also gets to crash at my new place in Bend when you come down to smith, or to go skiing at bachelor What a deal!? -tlb beefchub@hotmail.com 206-949-6328
  9. Camp 4

    I spent three months in Yosemite (not in the valley, but in the NW backcountry which BTW has amazing climbing opportunities, but requires some major backcountry traveling, no VW bus's allowed ) here are some tricks: TIGHT BUDGET trip to Yosemite..... my favorite trick to avoid overcrowded campgrounds, their associated fees, bears breaking into your car to steal your chub, and even avoiding paying an entry fee is to do the following: Most parks like yosemite are bordered by Forest Service land. You are permited by law to drive on any Forest Service road, pull your rig over to the side and crash. No wake up calls from the law, no $15 charge, and you get some solitude. There are an abundance of roads off HWY 120 just outside of the Hodgdon Meadow entrance to yose. Some even are next to streams which provide wonderful bating ops. One road in particular is the road to Hetch Hectchy which is RIGHt outside the park entrance. What I've done in yose and many other parks is crash outside the park on these FS lands, awaken early in the AM, and sneak into the park before the Fee Collection boths are staffed. This is usually quite early, but it is worth saving the $20. Since you are up so early, you are the first to the crag, and don't have to wait in the normal lines on the trade routes! Works out pretty nicely. Then you hang out in the valley, spraying at camp 4, or perhaps at degans, or camp curry, whatever, until late in the evening, when you high-tail it back past the now empty enterance check point, to your secret road just outside the park. I'm tellin you, this is the LIFE! If you prefer sleeping in, you can pay your $20 entrance fee which is good for 7 days, which really isn't a bad deal. Driving time from Hodgdon(enterance station) to valley is around 30-45 min depending on how many rental RV's you get stuck behind (yet another reason to wake up early), and how reliable your transportation is. If you decide to try to park and sleep inside the park, you are a sitting duck. The long arm will catch up with you eventually! good luck
  10. Tick list!

    couldn't resist, nasty little suckers eh?