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  1. Best approach to LaBohn Gap?

    A friend and myself went via Necklace Vally.We loved it. Although it seemed to take all day to get there .. We stayed three days and did Hinman. We wanted to go on to Daniel. Just didn't have the time.
  2. mt baring

    Spongebob Squidward Lets go this weekend. I dont care were I just want to go. Palmer sounds good to me bert. Mt baring is fine we may need your sled squid. Let me know
  3. stoves

    Dru, what stove do you use or recomend? ------------------
  4. Mt Baring

    Lots of heavy rain last night to clear the chutes. woke up to frost on the deck this morning. I think spongebob, sqiudward, and myself will try to find our way up the northeast side of north peak of baring. or maybe south face of the south peak. we will post a report tomorow evening.
  5. stoves

    Thanks for your replys guys.
  6. stoves

    DPS does it have an adjustable flame or alway on high?
  7. climbing shoes

    One sport,foot fighters climbing shoes "red" used once indoors. My feet are too wide for this type of shoe. 10 US 9 UK. I will sell cheap..email me at rap1528@aol.com [This message has been edited by climbing kid (edited 03-18-2001).] [This message has been edited by climbing kid (edited 03-19-2001).]
  8. peak one apex two stove

    this stove has an extra fuel bottle. used for two years still in verry good shape.Im getting a MSR dragonfly. Make offer..email me at rap1528@aol.com [This message has been edited by climbing kid (edited 03-18-2001).]
  9. stoves

    I have a peak one , it has been well used. Lately I have had to clean it often to keep it operable. I have never been happy with it. I am definately looking for a new one. I have had my eye on a MSR Dragonfly. Anyone know how well they do at higher altitudes? Or where I can purchase one for the best price. [This message has been edited by climbing kid (edited 03-17-2001).]
  10. Hinman glacier

    Im wondring if anyone has been up to mt. Hinman lately. We were up in Aug. and found a little cabin for a base camp. I would like to go up and do a long weekend in the snow. Before I go up I would need to know if the cabin is accesible. Not much snow up there this year I assume we could dig in if nothing else. Next time up I am going to mark it on a GPS. Also wondering about a possible Hinman to Daniel route.
  11. Mt Baring

    Tyson I have climbed this area and all around it. It has always left me in awe, quite an impressive area. If you like vertical columns of rock and ice. The last time I was on Mt. Baring it was on the west side of the north peak. A climbing buddy and myself found some good alpine ice to climb. We all so found some huge Ice caves that are the size of a small apartment building. The next ascent on mt. Baring will be from the east side to the summit if weather permits, this area seems to slide a lot. Spongebob I'm now allowed to climb again LETS GO.