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  1. Yeah, we're hoping for the best but realize we might get hosed with the weather. Good to hear we're on the right track for objectives. Thank you
  2. A couple buddies of mine are coming out to Washington in the beginning of October to do some mountaineering together. But we haven't quite decided on what climb we're going to try. We have all taken AAI's 1 week alpinism course on Baker and also did a guided climb of Mt. Shuksan this summer. We're going to go out and try to tackle something by ourselves this next time around. However since we're doing it so late in the season we've been waiting to try and get some more recent trip reports to see what the conditions might be like before we commit to a climb. Our tentative plans, roughly in order of preference, are Eldorado, Sahale, Silver Star and Ruth/Icy Traverse. Are any of these mountains better or worse that time of year for our experience level? Also if there are any other mountains that would be good alternatives we'd love to hear about them too. Preferably in the North Cascades. Any input would be appreciated. Tyler
  3. I bought a used pair of Scarpa double plastic boots size 11.5 that had been used as rental boots. They are well worn, but are still in working condition. Asking $50. I live in Skagit but find myself working in Whatcom county on weekdays, could meet you somewhere between.
  4. I actually own a pair of used plastics and LS Nepal Evos. I bought a pair of plastic rentals at AAI's gear sale and between reward points and an REI sale I was able to get the Nepals for an awesome deal. I like the idea of using VBL socks and super gaiters. I imagine this combo is more prone to colder feet since the leather is wet?
  5. I'm enrolled in a 6 day mountaineering course on Mt. Baker at the end of May. The course says that plastic boots before July in the Cascades are strongly recommended. I've read this from multiple companies that offer these schools so it seems to be the accepted norm. I realize they probably know what they're talking about, but I really would like to avoid using plastics if at all possible because of the weight and overall clunkiness. What would be the downsides to using a leather boot, like Nepal Evos, instead of plastics? The only thing I can think of is for extended days in wet snow they are likely to stay more dry. Is it going to be impossible to keep my feet dry for 6 days if I use leathers instead? Is it really worth it to use plastics over leathers in this situation? Thanks for any insight.
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