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  1. Partners this week?

    how about Washington Pass moderates the weekend of August 5?
  2. anyone interested in Washington Pass moderates on August 5-7?
  3. Hoping to find a climbing partner with prior experience at Washington Pass. Family get-2-gether in Mazama that weekend and we have two climbers with lots of experience...but not at Washington Pass. Will even pay $ for guide. 206 316 7937
  4. WA Pass memorial weekend

    two of us hoping to climb at Washington Pass August 4-6....unfamiliar with climbs tho...hoping to do some long moderates....we have lots of experience and more money than brains....looking for "guide" to show us the routes...
  5. Prime Rib Mazama tomorrow 7.1.

    hoping to climb at Washington Pass on August 4-6....moderate longer alpine routes....we could start with Becky route and go from there?
  6. Weekend cragging / alpine climbing partner

    two of us climbing on Washington Pass on August 5-6....tons of experience between us....but unfamiliar with area...would love to have moderate leader($)....Becky route and south arete of early winters?
  7. WA pass or Mazama 7/2-7/4

    love to climb at W Pass...two of us are going on August 5 and 6 if you want to join?
  8. two climbers here....we can meet you at pass? sounds like an awesome climb...
  9. my email is triballawyer@hotmail.com. phone No. 206 316 7937...let s climb beckey route and see where it goes?
  10. my brother and i will be up there on sturday....wannna do beckey route first and then go from there?
  11. that sound very appealling....can me and brother from spain climb with you? we also have all gear and money...etc. could lead some pitches also...?
  12. Any of you want to climb either at Washington Pass or Green Giant Buttress moderates this Saturday September 17?
  13. WA Pass Moderates - Saturday, 8/27

    Shukson is a very nice mountain...fisher chimneys?
  14. Hello folks, 1. Me and my brother hoping to climb some moderates on Washington Pass on Saturday September 17... 2. Both climb similar grades of alpine rock with tons of glacier experience.... 3. Want to meet up at Washington Pass morning of 17th?
  15. WA Pass Moderates - Saturday, 8/27

    Hi Ox6...would you be up for climbing at Washington Pass...say Beckey Route and maybe something else on Saturday September 17?