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  1. need info on a route in exit 38

    we went till 4th bolt/ bail carbiner, but not sure how long route / details. and came down using the bail carabiner... will go back and check again for sure.. need to brush off the moss from the slab too. and most other routes were in water as well.. guess it's not yet season for this wall to be waterfree.
  2. need info on a route in exit 38

    one last question is the crux, just below the single biner, the second and third bolt?
  3. need info on a route in exit 38

    Thank You! ... the slab needs extensive cleaning..
  4. In exit 38, neverland, lost boys area. there is 2 pitch 5.9 - i wanna go home, it ends in a tree and you see a two bolt anchor at top adjacent to chains, then this traverses into a roof/overhanging side facing route with 3 bolts to a single carabiner anchor? its a fixed single carabiner on a bolt. it looks like the routes continues further up. I couldn't find any info on this, is this an actual route? if so, what is the rating oon this and how long does it go? anyone has info on this?
  5. Do you know by any chance how are conditions of other peaks like lane, denman, castle. more photos?
  6. Are you looking for a fall colors backpacking trip or bag one of the prusik or craggy peaks of enchantments. I have 8 permits for you Permit is for cholchuk zone. Dates are coming weekend Oct 4 - 6th I paid 126$, it is for three days. Message me if you need it before they are gone 4259228353
  7. I have cholchuck - 8 permits 4259228353
  8. do you really need icetool , what is the angle like?
  9. the route is all covered with debris which were most likely from 2 weeks back. it was all really iced up and hard balls. there was no new snow loaded atleast when we started, but then it started snowing. we came back before it started accummulating a lot. we felt pretty safe, the tests we did showed good stable snow. but yes there is always risk of avy from upper slopes which we cannot see and the funnelling tunnel route of gully is sketchy. we did follow the avy procedures of one at a time. this week i am assuming there may be some new slides. some of the photos are taken zoomed in from safe locations, so just to clarify they are NOT in the Route, but on other side.
  10. Trip: Kaleetan Peak - South Ridge or East Face Date: 4/26/2014 Trip Report: We tried to climb Kaleetan Peak via its South Ridge or if conditions were feasible via East Face East face is a reportedly a nice steep snow climb - vertical 600 feet, earlier trip reports from Jan indicated that this could be climbed. Well, the weather in seattle has taken a U-Turn, it was warmer, less snow in Jan than now. Yes, there was tons of snow, when I looked at the telemetry data from NWAC I should have understood that. We all thought it was an error that it showed a spike in the snow to so many inches when it was sunny in seattle. Trail head is blocked by snow, atleast 0.75 miles of it. it was melting, so you may be able to drag forward till say 0.5 miles. Then you walk till the sign says denny creek trail, you follow this towards melakawa lake trail and then you will also see franklin falls trailhead and board sign. I have been many times to franklin falls, this is first time i saw the th being snowed out. We parked about 0.5 ~ 0.75 miles before the th. walked through probably a 5 feet snow, the top surface was slushy not too much of postholing. however, there was something odd, some kind of nasty stuff all over the trail. it looks so bad. watch carefully on not stepping them. it was there till you reach melakawa lake, i don't what it is, whatever, it really looks ugly, bad, nasty and kills the taste of wilderness ethics. now at trailhead, you may see some dirt and snow and dirt, it keeps changing depending on tree / no tree cover. the first bridge is easy to cross, no snow. the second water crossing abt 1 mile is easy to cross, no high water. the third water crossing is spicy, be careful not to get water inside your shoes, which i did and hated it whole day. crossing the second water crossing the trail cross an avalanche slope, the first set of avalanche debris. below is a steep deep cliff, the second set of waterfalls too. be very careful while you traverse this slope, pretty exposed. once you cross this, the maps shows some switchbacks, but its all snow, you wont find any switchbacks now. head steep up marking the way along the path of least resistance, only few trees. once you head up, you hit the third and last river crossing. once you cross the river, you head up again towards melakawa pass, the more closer you get to the pass, more dangerous and crazy it gets. there is series of avalanche chutes, probably 20 of them. huge balls reminding you how cruel this place is we clutched our hearts and crossed the heart of avalanche debris on rock hard ice balls. once we cross over, we head up to the funnel gully which is even more terrifying terrain. we went quickly up and cut over towards the pass. after reaching the pass, we traversed to find a flat spot for camping, the lake is covered with full snow, you wont see anything. its just a snow field. by this time, we were only people in the mountain and kicking all the steps, pretty tired. after us, slowly a lot of day hikers followed our path and wands and made up the way towards the lake the night started dramatic with a lot of snow. abt 4 to 8 inches of new snow covered eveyrthing. cornice, crazy avalanches, load of snow, bad weather, what else reason we need to get out. we packed and got out first thing in morning. the slopes were getting loaded dangerously. I would avoid this area for a week or two for the snow to settle better! kaleetan, we will be back for you! heard a helicopter on the way and found out later, a skier triggered a point release and another one caught in it broke the legs and helicopter tried to rescue him. [img:left]https://scontent-a-sea.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t1.0-9/10329294_10152027555706332_8014363907734834976_n.jpg[/img] [img:right]https://scontent-b-sea.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/t1.0-9/1554412_10152027556151332_8984410792714406837_n.jpg[/img] Gear Notes: no snow shoes used, however while coming lot of post holing. Approach Notes: via denny creek trail - snow all the way -
  11. Trip: Vantage Crags - Feathers - Satan's pillar Date: 4/25/2014 Trip Report: 7 new routes have been developed in vantage last weekend. We were watching 2 new routes being done. The constant drilling noise and loose rocks falling made us curious. It was just close to satan's pillar. We went to try it after the route was ready. We are probably second or third ascent. it was all loose rocks. I was able to climb pretty easy without knocking much of loose rock. but when my partner climbed, he reached the top, while about to clip to anchor, he fell off a loose rock hold breaking, and took a big lead fall. just be careful when you do these new routes. it may take sometime to clean these loose rocks from here. also while belaying or walking around , be careful below. wear helmets. Gear Notes: sports - 4 clips Approach Notes: feathers
  12. Trip: guye peak - North Ridge Route Date: 4/12/2014 Trip Report: We attempted and submitted the North,Middle & South summits of Guye Peak. Route Beta: The snow was firm, we didn't use snowshoes. We rappelled off the cliff since the easier gulley section was setup with a rope by another group. We used all Rock Anchors in the lower section, used a #2 camlot, #3 nut and couple of backup nut protections. We didn't trust the snow since the cornice above us was threatening and couldn't fall anytime, infact it did fall at end of the day a small portion and created some point release. Doing dead man over this slope is sloppy and recommend to back it up with rock anchors if you could, since the snow could give up, either on cornice break or point/release / wet avy concerns. you could see the view of north summit and middle summit in these pictures. It is a pretty forward easy climb. It could be totally done without protecting. adding insurance for snow conditions and cornice falls, depend on ropes. There is an awesome tree in the way to middle summit, it is a small tree but served the purpose for rappel on the way back the trail from the middle to south is very straight forward, exposed, but pretty easy. Protect using rock pro's there's a lot of cracks if you keep looking. there is a lot of trees to sling around on the way to south summit. this tree can be used to protect and rappel. Note you need atleast two ropes to rappel all the way. Gears used: #2 camlot, 3 nuts(carried full nut set), two pickets for deadman at top of north summit, 60 m rope for rappel into gulley, 60 m rope for climbing into middle, two pickets to protect on the way and a deadman anchor and at top of middle. middle to south is mostly straight forward. coming down: downclimbed till tree without any pro on a lead belay and rap using a 60m and 30m rope. this is a hassle as you have rap past a knot that joins the rope at some point. but you can easily walk down this slope. it seemed like a 40-50 degree slope, the snow was very good for steps. had no issues more pics at: Gear Notes: #2 camlot, nuts, 4 pickets, 2 60m ropes and 1 30m glacier line. Approach Notes: no snowshoes. pretty firm. commonwealth basin. carried snowshoes and removed soon.
  13. Trip: Big Chief Mountain - West Approach Date: 3/15/2014 Trip Report: as part of (www.adventure-explorers.com) BCC class, we went to Steven's Pass - Explored a route to big chief mountain. Gps Track [img:left]https://scontent-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/t31.0-8/1926179_10151953748426332_2120591473_o.jpg[/img] [img:right]https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/t31.0-8/10011745_10151953751391332_1707892813_o.jpg[/img] [img:left]https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/t1.0-9/p75x225/10014570_10152297952922673_134796464_n.jpg[/img] more on: https://www.facebook.com/adventures.explorers?fref=ts Gear Notes: no protections used Approach Notes: deep snow, snowshoes recommended.