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  1. It's too bad this got eaten by the glitches. Summary for those who missed it. Party 1: got on O.S. for first ever multipitch gear route. 12 hours for 7 pitches+ descent. pOsted complaining about the ppl who told them they shouldn't have been there. Party 2: one of the 5 parties tapped behind party #1. Reported Party #1 was pulling on gear, splitting pitches in half with gear belays, refusing to allow parties to pass, and epicing. Posted on here whining about slow parties, namely party #1. Discuss
  2. i saw this film about bachar last night, and there was a funny bit where they interview croft and he describes how he "accidentally" kicked some guy in the head on half dome while passing, while him and bachar were making the first one day link up back when. so always let peter pass or you might get a chuck norris to the dome.
  3. Golf

  4. Sex while climbing?

    found a goat on a ledge
  5. Hockey

    The only thing that would make this better is if it were the womens' hockey teams
  6. Hozomeen

    The "coquihalla" conditions actually cover most areas east of the Cheam Range. Jos vdB turned around on Eaton Peak yesterday because of scary snow.
  7. Garibaldi Neve

    The REAL challenge would be to ski the Spearhead, free the full Grand Wall, MTB the Test of Metal circuit, paddle the Ashlu Canyon and drink a dozen pints of Rail ale all in a day.
  8. Hozomeen

    Yeah, with the high avvy danger I'm sure its a perfect time to ski that bad mofo
  9. 5 Worst Routes in PNW

    Have you ever climbed at Vantage? I would DEFINITELY rather stay at home than climb at Vantage. In fact if you look up the definition of "Choss" on wikipedia it takes you directly to a page about Vantage. Whoa!
  10. Alpinfox

    PMs are aid.
  11. just for a giggles

    Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?
  12. It's the Norepinephrine not the Dopamine

    I had no shoes, and bemoaned my fate until I met a man with no feet. Then we both made fun of a retard and felt better.
  13. Great Mountaineer Jacket

    I am the greatest mountaineer and it wasn't my jacket, so
  14. It's the Norepinephrine not the Dopamine

    You take medication to stop restless leg, and end up gamboling. Typical.
  15. 5 Worst Routes in PNW

    BTW, "the worst climbing in Washington is in Oregon"
  16. 5 Worst Routes in PNW

    that just means they have lower standards
  17. It's the Norepinephrine not the Dopamine

    But is it good for bee stings?
  18. 5 Worst Routes in PNW

    I think you need to up the bribe.
  19. google video rocks

    That's "key-tar" to you.
  20. Lilloet Ice Conditions?

    hell ya if you look at the coquihalla tollbooth webcam you can see that the trucks are pretty much driving in a tunnel there is so much new snow on each side of the plowed road.
  21. Oregon cheapskates

    Cheap Oregon snaffle
  22. Scott Walker

    scott walker = second string defenseman who should be sent back to the minors