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  1. There should be at least 3 lines of various colours drawn in right of Widowmaker too, BTW.
  2. Yeah but the topo in CAJ '75 shows the route finishing at the same point as the Widowmaker, IE directly at the Camel's tail. Which it would not nearly do if it went up the circled buttresses (horribly bushy). I wouldn't doubt that the whole thing could be a hoax but it would be interesting to climb the blue line as directly as possible just to see. And doesn't CAJ 75 say that they first saw the route with binoculars from Goat Ridge (I assume, east of Goat Peak somewhere) and that they then went back the next day, or week, or something to climb it? In which case the fact that you can't see it from the approach to Goat is less relevant.
  3. I put a bunch of Kurt pics in my cc.com gallery See Kurt pebble wrestle, crank roofs, solo, and nap
  4. Dru

    29999 forever

    no, oly and jon hacked my account
  5. Dru

    29999 forever

    if only the post count went down when posts were deleted.
  6. Dru

    29999 forever

    that wasn't very nice! now my numerology has bad chi.
  7. Urinophilic candiru gonna swim up your urethra!!
  8. ...and didn't you climb exasperator with erik wolfe
  9. if its a girl you can name her lisa, and if a boy, fred hopefully the baby will not look too much like layton....
  10. I don't need polypro, I'm wearing space blankets.
  11. Is it true you became a chiopractor because you didn't know how to spell gynecologist?
  12. and all hug and start up a drum circle too?
  13. I found this image of a difficult testpiece on a cc.com member's personal website... will they be a good sport and leave it up or do as I predict and delete it when they see it hotlinked here?
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