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#978603 - 09/19/10 06:26 PM Paradox long johns?
Dane Offline

Registered: 01/11/03
Posts: 3097
TRs: 12 Photos: 138
Loc: Issaquah
If you don't know what they are it is worth the $18.99 investment at Costco to find out I think. Take a look at what REI or Patagucci wants for a decent set of mid weight bottoms that don't generally fit nearly as well as the Paradox do.

I started using them 2 winters ago. My lovely wife trying to be nice bought them for me 'cus they were cheap. Of course I rolled my eyes behind her back at a set of Costco longs for climbing. I didn't realise just how really good they were until last winter. Of course they are a seasonal item at Costco and a.f.a.i.k. unavailable else where. I looked becasue i liked them so much.

I've been checking Costco this fall hoping to see them show up again. They are there now and more than worth the $18.99. If you don't like them as much as I do just return them for that 100% refund.

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#978627 - 09/19/10 08:37 PM Re: Paradox long johns? [Re: Dane]
Julian Offline

Registered: 05/13/06
Posts: 291
TRs: 2 Photos: 51
Loc: South Carolina
I will second the surprisingly good quality and performance of some of Costco's clothing in terms of climbing-wear. Besides their long underwear I find their packs of Kirkland (Costco's house brand) merino wool socks to be as good as anything similar I've tried other than DTV socks (which obviously cost a hell of a lot more). I think they are 10 bucks for a 4-pack and they last as long as anything by Wigwam, Smartwool, REI.

Dane, have you considered getting one of those Costco softshell jackets (that cost something like 25 bucks if I remember right) and testing it out? I've been tempted to do it but now that I'm living in South Carolina for a while won't be able to get a good chance to do so for a bit. They "look" decent (especially for the price) but I'm obviously skeptical of how they would perform as anything other than an around-town jacket.

#978646 - 09/19/10 10:59 PM Re: Paradox long johns? [Re: Julian]
Dane Offline

Registered: 01/11/03
Posts: 3097
TRs: 12 Photos: 138
Loc: Issaquah
have you considered getting one of those Costco softshell jackets (that cost something like 25 bucks if I remember right) and testing it out?

Tracy has one that she picked up and has been using for a week or so. May be not a Gamma MX but for $25 if you don't have a stretchy soft shell, the Black Diamond" hooded soft shell is a "gimme".

For $25 how bad could the Costco verson be if I can even start the conversation by making a direct comparison against a $400 Gamma MX hoody?

#981378 - 10/05/10 08:13 AM Re: Paradox long johns? [Re: Dane]
fern Offline


Registered: 08/17/01
Posts: 2469
TRs: 8 Photos: 47
I have had a few of those Costco shells for a few years. The early versions I got were sewn with a thread that absorbed water, and the DWR on the fabric was weak/non existent - so they would wet out faster than similar "name" softshells.
I got a pair of their softshell pants last year though and they are super for skitouring/ice climbing. Microfleece lined, boot cut, stretchy.

#981487 - 10/05/10 04:26 PM Re: Paradox long johns? [Re: fern]
hanman Offline

Registered: 12/11/02
Posts: 364
TRs: 25 Photos: 266
Loc: Arlington
I also have had several Costco soft shells and found them to be quite solid and reasonably water resistant. The bonus is when I need to pad sharp edges or stand on it for insulation, throwing down a cheapy is effective. The Paradox long johns are toasty and Costco sox are outlasting my Smartwools at this point. Dirtbaggin' thumbs up.

#1005183 - 02/16/11 09:02 PM Re: Paradox long johns? [Re: hanman]
rideforthebrand Offline

Registered: 10/29/10
Posts: 12
TRs: 0 Photos: 9
Loc: Wyoming
Old thread, but I love these long johns so much I thought I'd put my story about them.

Way before I got into ice climbing I was wearing these as long johns in the spring on a solo 4x4 camping trip way out in a remote desert area in SW Wyoming. It snowed at night and the next morning it was all melting and filling up all the washes. I had to conduct several stream crossings in my landcruiser in attempt to vacate the area and finally got stuck. I had to wade across the waist deep, near freezing water well over fifty times in order to dig, build winch anchors, run winch cable, etc. I wore no shoes or socks, and only these costco long johns, as everything else I had was cotton. The stream was rising and I was forced to work in the water for several hours. I think the fact that the long johns kept me warm while wet and were able to dry fast is the only reason I didn't get hypothermia and was able to keep working till I got unstuck.

Now I use them every time I ice climb, and if I had another pair, I would cut the legs short and use them for skiing. They stretch well, feel nice on the skin, don't get stinky after a bunch of days, and wick and dry ridiculously fast. Seriously, the best base layer I've used, and way cheap.

#1005186 - 02/16/11 09:09 PM Re: Paradox long johns? [Re: rideforthebrand]
MuchosPixels Offline

Registered: 02/17/10
Posts: 6
TRs: 0 Photos: 0
Loc: Caribbean
Honestly, I have some polarmax polypro long underwear (double layer) that has worked great and cost about half of what capilene costs.

Also, I checked Marshall's and found even some Mountain Hardwear baselayers at a very low price so its also worth a look.


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