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Top rope solo with Wild Country Ropeman

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Hi all - Reaching out to the community for comments on experience. 

I'm building my top rope solo setup. I currently have a Petzl Minitraxion, and am thinking of getting the Wild Country Ropeman2 as the back up, since it's less than half the cost and functions similarly. 

Does anyone with experience using the Ropeman have any feedback? Allow rope to glide through well? Catches without slipping? Etc. 

Thank you very much!


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I used to use rock exotica ( now petzl) microsender as the main catch for self belay.   it slide very well.  I used the ropeman as the backup and it did ok but not as smooth as the microsender.


if relying on one rope is a concern, rock exotica makes a DOUBLE rope clamp.  they grab independantly on each rope so you could have a rope failure on one strand and still hang on the other.



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