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  1. Yes, a staging environment would be a big plus. Beyond that I'd say that now that you've made the big leap you just need to focus on prioritizing and take anything that isn't absolutely on fire slowly and methodically.
  2. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8538-minimized-quote/
  3. Used with socks as they were supposed to be my all-day, comfort shoes, but they're too thin a sole and too narrow for my tastes.
  4. Thoughts on Hood South Side...

    Here are some resources which collectively make for a pretty good picture of what weather is headed towards the NW at any given point in time. Taken together they can give you a good feel for exactly what's out in the Pacific all the way to Asia. It's particularly worth noting the jetstream forecast to see how strong it's going to be, if it's going to be sitting right on top of us, and if it's likely to be dragging along any bad weather with it if it is. In general it's good to know how big your weather window is likely to be before heading out as, for all the people that get up and down it safe, Hood has a long history of being pretty unforgiving to folks who've run into trouble while trying to sneak in a go with a 18-36 hour weather window and one storm after another lined up all the way to Japan. Take note the 'Stormsurfing' site is for surfers, so you have to read through the surfing/wave aspects of what they put out - BUT - these folks carefully watch weather events across the NW Pacific as far out as Siberia and it is well worth paying close attention to what they are saying about incoming storms. Intellicast Pacific Infrared Sat Loop Stormsurfing - Pacific Storm Forecast Stormsurfing - North Pacific Surface Pressure and Wind Stormsurfing - North Pacific Jet Stream Wind and 250 mb Pressure Intellicast - US Jetstream National Center for Atmospheric Research - Forecasts
  5. Stuff is on fire

    Was out early Sat morning for a lap on FFA and did the same loop as Bill. It wasn't quite as bad a burn as I expected though still plenty bad. The stretch between just east of Multnomah Falls to the Ainsworth exit is probably the most completely burnt due to the high, steep ravines turning into blast furnace chimneys. The ravines all through the gorge took the biggest hits for the same reason, but there's still a lot of green over much of the burned areas.
  6. Beacon

    The SE Corner definitely needs bolts - I mean, OMG! The absolute horror of those pitons so very hard at work escaping their cracks while biding their time to finally snatch the life from some poor, unsuspecting climber who is completely unaware of the malignant dangers lurking on their route to fame and glory. And let's put one next to every gear placement too; can't be too careful in these days so many really bad things happening that no one should trust their own choices, decisions and skills. And if we're really serious about safety and numbers we could all pitch in and pre-place pro on all the routes - hell, between the retrobolts and pre-placed gear and we'd all be climbing 5.13 in a flash. Crikey, we could even rename the routes once we did them.
  7. Get ahold of me if you want it back...
  8. Bold, but you guys need to get equipped with the latest russkie Choss & Moss gear if you're going to keep being as lunatic as them...
  9. Remaining sale called off - donating it along with the Hilti drill and all the various tooling to Topher and the PDX rebolting crew...
  10. Thanks Bill. Here's where it stands now: 1 - Petzl Pro Traxion Pulley (barely used) / $45 2 - Petzl Ascension Ascenders (used a couple times) / $80 (pair) 1 - Petzl Haul Bag Swivel / $20 1- BD Single Gear Sling / $10 2 - Metolius Rope Hooks w Biners / $5 (each) 22 - Petzl Spirit Biners / $66 (all or none) Nothing wrong with any of it, just a case of having only so much mileage remaining on the shoulders and what's left is going towards free climbing as opposed to jugging of any kind. The Spirits are all totally fine as well, but were just swapped out for wire gates.
  11. Gotta Get Rid Of Some Of This Shit... All In Good Shape / Prices Firm / Pickup In SE PDX (or Dropzone) 1 - Petzl Pro Traxion Pulley (barely used) / $45 1 - Petzl Basic Ascender / $20 2 - Petzl Ascension Ascenders (used a couple times) / $80 (pair) 1 - Petzl Haul Bag Swivel / $20 1- BD Single Gear Sling / $10 2 - Metolius Rope Hooks w Biners / $5 (each) 22 - Petzl Spirit Biners / $66 (all or none) 2 - Yates Big Wall Ladder (used once) / $50 (pair) / SOLD 7 - Random Locking Biners / $25 / SOLD 1 - Moses Tomahawk / $10 / SOLD 2 - BD Fifi Hooks / $5 (each) / SOLD 6 - HB Brass Nuts (unused) / $20 SOLD 5 - Metolius Brass Astro Nuts (unused) / $20 / SOLD Pics on request...
  12. Hmmm, that basalt columns fall at such PNW cliffs isn't exactly news...
  13. Create American Refugee Camps for homeless?

    As a united pilot my father flew into pdx fairly often after WWII and crews were put up at the Benson. He said you had to constantly step over drunks and the homeless on the sidewalk the length of Broadway to get anywhere. Said that's why the temperance folks got the water fountains installed. Seems like it was better for a couple of decades, but being the cheapest city on the west coast has caused an influx at the top which has progressively pushed tons of folks out of housing at the bottom. Not sure what can be done - tough problem in a 'free enterprise' system and society which doesn't put a high intrinsic value on human life.