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  1. Hey, have you figured anything out? I'm Tri-City based but hope to meet up in the cascades for some adventures...
  2. Howdy all. Weekend worker here. Tri-Cities based. Looking for pretty much any outdoor adventure. Main sports are snowboarding and rock climbing. Venturing into mountaineering now!
  3. I am sure many of you have driven down the Columbia River Gorge either on I84 or on HWY 14 and thought about climbing all the cliffs that line the river... I am wondering if anyone has climbed any or if there is info out there for why no one has yet. I know there is some climbing around The Dalles and horsethief butte. But i am talking about all the other cliffs that run from Arlington to Hood River. I imagine that being so close to the highway is a safety concern. Both for falling rocks and driver onlooking. There are plenty of places that are off the highway too though. Is that all that's stopping us? Is it protected land? Owned by who? Outside of just going and seeing who stops me and says whatever does anyone have some beta or input?
  4. a few friends from colorado will be in town this weekend and want to hit up outerspace. I am hoping to find out if anyone else is planning to hit it the weekend of the 15, in a few days... also, any one climb it this year? feel free to share any info you found helpfull during your climb... thanks
  5. howdy yall. Love climbing but seem to always be in need of a partner 24, healthy and getting stronger! I have a rope, sport gear, and am building my trad rack. sport leads up to 5.10b at vatage. trad leads up to 5.7/8 leavenworth. I am safe and always looking to learn and grow in my skills and knowledge. Open to other locations. I live in tri cities... let me know! cheers all! nate
  6. ah man i feel like a dope, i wanted to climb this weekend and didnt think to check on here. anyways. i am always looking for a partner on the weekend. I live in tri cities so vantage and leavenworth are where i like to go. if you are looking again hit me up. I have a truck, working on a trad rack, have rope. I have only lead a few trad troute, they were 5.7-8s in leavenworth, but i am willing to try harder. are you into sport at all? hit me up, let me know. cheers
  7. ill be in ellensburg sunday night and would love to climb monday morning before it gets too hot.... the 21st is the day
  8. sweet, i am also free weekends. down to go most places too, depending on weather:) would love to get on an 11 soon, 10s are great though! let me know nathan
  9. ive been wanting to checkout tieton myself, also down for some 9s and 10s. i like vantage too though. im free everyweekend, so let me know nathan
  10. hey i need to get some climbing done too, where ever is good with me. vantage is ideal for me, leavenworth is still thawing out i think, but dont know forsure. anything up to hard 10s is cool with me. so let me know!! nathan feel free to text or call 702 379 7199 cheers
  11. Howdy, I am camping out this weekend in vantage just to check out the climbs, ive never climbed there. Im climbing with some friends sunday but would love to climb on saturday too. I have no rope or rack, just shoes n a harness. Ive only been climbing for a year now but had safety and good habits beat into me when i started. Let me know:)
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