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Splitboarders Check in!!


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I have been riding a home made split since 2009. Been toying with the idea of switching to skis, even gone so far as to spend a season renting. However I have made the decision that my 15 years of snowboarding is too much to throw away. So I have decided to stick with it and am picking up a Jones solution today from Mountain Gear. I have ridden a few hills including Stevens Peak, Hub lake, Hood, Shuksan, and Adams.


Anyways, ill see yeah out there. Have not been active on the forum (or in the mountains) for a few years while finishing school and getting a real job.

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I'll be out there. I've been snowboarding for 15 years and splitting for 4. I ride a prior amf with karakoram binding and love the way it shreds. Did the homemade one ride a lot different than your solid setup? Had to sell a few fingers and a kidney for the set up, but I still have a few fingers and one kidney left. Congrats on getting the learning done and getting back into the mountains.

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