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Grivel Crampon help for Huge Size 48 Evo Nepals


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I'm trying tog figure out if the G12 or G14 will work on my size 48 Evo Nepals. Do the crampons come with extender bars?

I'm looking to place old worn out BD saber tooth pros (which I love). I ready there were some problems with the new stainless horizontal front points. I mainly climb couloirs, glaciers, light mixed and roadside ice cragging. Any suggestions for my huge feet?

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I can fit BD Cyborgs/stingers on both my size 48 baturas and 49 baruntses with the regular bar. I personally wouldn't go with the G14's because they're super heavy, but the G20's are probably the next crampon purchase I'll make. Go to a gear shop with your boots and see if they'll fit. I'm guessing you'll be able to get them to work.


Having huge feet really sucks, I feel your pain!


Edit: now that I think about it, I may have the extra long bars on my cyborgs. Last January I sheared the bolt that holds the frontpoint on mid trip and ended up borrowing a buddies stingers with the regular bar. I had no issue fitting them on my baturas (same footbed as the nepals, if I'm not mistaken). This leads me to believe that what I've written above is accurate, but I've been known to be wrong before.

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Sarkens are great, I have a pair and use them on my size 48 Sportivas. Petzl makes an extra long extender bar for their crampons. Feathered Friends used to stock these, you might give them a ring (206) 292-2210. I bought one set and swap them among my different models of Petzl crampons depending on which ones I'm using. I have room to spare on the bar length.

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