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Snow camping locations


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I'm looking for ideas of places to do a night of snow camping from the Portland area either this weekend or the week after.


About a month ago I hiked out from Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park in the first big storm of the season. Snowshoed back the next day in almost a foot of snow. At the time I was using a Marmot 3 season tent and a zero degree synthetic bag I've had for 20 years that's probably more like a 30 degree now!


Recently I've gotten a lot of new gear including a Mountain Hardware EV2 4 season tent and a Marmot -20F Col MemBrain bag. I want to test this stuff out in some cold weather! I don't mind driving a few hours but I'd rather not have to go very far into the snow since I'll most likely be doing this solo. I'm from Pennsylvania but have been working in the area for a couple years so I'm somewhat familiar with the area but don't know what is accessible this time of year. Any ideas?


Going stir crazy and need to get out. Plan to snowshoe around Crater Lake in a couple months with a few other people and I don't want to do that until I've worked out all the kinks of my new setup.



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well you know about timberline then obviously yes, you want more variety? people do camp a lot right at treeline just east of the overflow lot.


there is cooper spur snow park on Hood's east side, hike about 4-5 miles up to Tilly Jane/Cloud Cap and camp anywhere in there around treeline or continue higher up and camp near the stone shelter or even higher right at the base of cooper spur climb.


If you get a WA snowpark pass you can go to Marble Mnt Snowpark and go about 2 miles to timberline on St. Helens and camp there.


Also avail is down by Santiam Pass--the Maxwell Butte Snowpark is a good place. I've snow camped up on Maxwell Butte--it has commanding views of 3 Finger Jack and excellent 360 views of the rest of the area volcanoes. The approach is mostly marked through woods but up top you could certainly test mettle.


two points--so far the snow is low this year, not that it can't pick up with just a few storms but its relatively low all around, especially at elevations timberline and below.


and lastly just to say you dont have to be bc skiing to subject yourself to avalanche danger, the first big snow of the season i'm sure risk wasn't so huge due to the snow being anchored in all the terrain features on hood. But a similar trip during a storm with an established base could have you in high risk avy terrain and conditions. Something to be mindful of, but I totally get the desire to


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