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  1. Mt Hood (late April - May)

    Please do. As long as the weather holds out I plan to go early Sunday.
  2. Mt Hood on Feb 23

    Hood was crappy today. Went with a friend just to go up to 9000' and enjoy the views. Supposed to be mostly sunny, and clear according to the mountain forecast, but it was blowing snow the entire time and never saw the sun until the sunset on the drive home. We turned around at Silcox. Still good to get out, though.
  3. Mt Hood on Feb 23

    Thanks. Definitely going to keep an eye on NWAC before I go up.
  4. Mt Hood on Feb 23

    This is a long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone is interested in taking a rookie up the south climb this coming weekend. I'm open the whole weekend, but Sunday morning looks best so far. I climbed Mt Adams solo last September, but Hood isn't something I want to try on my own. Thanks!
  5. Snow camping locations

    Thanks for the tips. I've been planning all week to go to Rainier this weekend. Going to park at Paradise and head up Camp Muir (or as far as I feel comfortable). It's not supposed to be crazy cold, but the wind is a different story.
  6. Snow camping locations

    I'm looking for ideas of places to do a night of snow camping from the Portland area either this weekend or the week after. About a month ago I hiked out from Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park in the first big storm of the season. Snowshoed back the next day in almost a foot of snow. At the time I was using a Marmot 3 season tent and a zero degree synthetic bag I've had for 20 years that's probably more like a 30 degree now! Recently I've gotten a lot of new gear including a Mountain Hardware EV2 4 season tent and a Marmot -20F Col MemBrain bag. I want to test this stuff out in some cold weather! I don't mind driving a few hours but I'd rather not have to go very far into the snow since I'll most likely be doing this solo. I'm from Pennsylvania but have been working in the area for a couple years so I'm somewhat familiar with the area but don't know what is accessible this time of year. Any ideas? Going stir crazy and need to get out. Plan to snowshoe around Crater Lake in a couple months with a few other people and I don't want to do that until I've worked out all the kinks of my new setup. Thanks!
  7. FS: Patagonia, Scarpa, boots! Make some offers!

    Nice guy. I picked up some boots and other random stuff yesterday. Good deal