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[TR] Mt Baker - Coleman Deming 5/7/2013


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Trip: Mt Baker - Coleman Deming


Date: 5/7/2013


Trip Report:

I thought folks might be interested in a conditions update for this popular locale. You can drive to about 2700' up the Glacier Creek Rd., still ~2.5 miles or so short of the TH- see reply below for more recent info. There is still some road walking, but it is mostly skinnable. Grouse Creek is in fine shape for skiing/skinning, though the snow was slow on Tuesday afternoon. Glacier is well filled with solid bridges over the few crevasses that you do need to cross. We found perfect skinning conditions (no crampons needed) with a 0730 start from the road, and I think it took us about 9.5 hours RT with breaks. It was t-shirt weather for most of the day with almost no wind at the summit, perhaps the best weather I've ever had on Baker. Such a great destination to have in our backyard!



The Objective



Scott skinning with Thunder Gl. behind



Catching our breath after moving fast through the danger zone



at the col.





8000+ feet above the car and Kit is ready to get off the pain train.



A meeting of cultures on the summit.



I love this view of Colfax


Gear Notes:

we brought glacier gear and boot crampons, but didn't need any of it.


Approach Notes:

skis, we saw deep post holes from those without.

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