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Jan 1st through Jan 9th - ANYTHING

dave schultz

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I have Jan 1st through Jan 9th totally free. Looking go climb some objectives in the Snoqualmie Pass area and TC on Dragontail, or any other ice route that might be in shape enough to climb. Would also like to do some climbing and scouting in other areas of the N Cascades (Mount Buckner, Johannesburg to name a couple).


Wouldn't mind climbing at Smith, either, if anyone is into cold, January rock.


I'll be on Rainier this weekend, but would love to get something lined up for the new year before heading out Friday morning.





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Dave- I might be into doing something next week. I'm gone Friday-Monday in the Methow Valley for some skiing, but after that I would like to do a winter climb somewhere. Been eyeballing a winter ascent of North Twin via the west ridge, but could look elsewhere. I do not have ice climbing experience. I am AIARE level 1 and not willing to take much risk with snow pack instability. If things dry out by next week and we have a good forecast I am down for something. You can PM me. Good luck with Rainier this weekend if you go for it.

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Glad others are looking to line something up during this great weather window. I'm free that whole time. DS—All your objectives sound great by me. Was also thinking something in the Wine Spires, or that ice gully on Cuthtroat, or Shuksan NF.


I've got winter camping and climbing experience, lead WI3, 5.9. I'll PM you.



206-552-9480 (cell)

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