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The best sport climbers can get up just about anything, if they want to. Also, it's worth acknowledging that all the best trad climbers in the world right now (Dave MacLeod, James McHaffie, Matt Wilder, Alex Honnold, James Pearson, Stevie Haston, etc.) all climb 5.14+ on bolts and/or V13+ on boulders.


Your comment is fine about sport climbers. They just have to "Just do It" in a new decade.


And without taking away from your candidates, the Heisman race for trad should not have left out somebody named Caldwell.


And I would still like to see Ondra hand stack and Leavitate on 5.13 offwidth or follow Pamela Pack around.


I am not saying it wouldn't happen but I like evidence rather than speculation.



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I like evidence rather than speculation.




in truth there is no "evidence" on either side of this argument, so the reality is that you merely prefer your own speculations to those of other people. ondra the almighty hasn't yet deigned to visit your home crag of squamish, but there's no reason to take it personally. from the perspective of someone who is interested in pushing the limits of pure difficulty in climbing, north america in general has to appear to be a climbing backwater of sorts. i'm sure he'll eventually get around to ticking off all of our routes after he's finished gathering all the low-hanging fruit on his own continent.



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There are 5.14 slabs in GB, as the matter of fact more then one. And btw they do get repeated (which nowadays mostly goes unreported) quite often.


"quite often"? really? doubt it.


Which is exactly my point, that for a good climber a 5.14 pitch is a 5.14 pitch, regardless of the type of climbing.


that assertion's so silly it's barely worth responding to, but i'll respond, simply to call it silly! ha.

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