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Alpine Rock/Glacier Protection


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SOLD - Alpine Rock/Glacier Rack - $100


BD Stoppers

#3 x 1, #5 x 2, #6 x1, #7 x 3, #8 x1, #9 x1, #10 x 3, #11 x 1, #12 x 1, #13 x 2


#7 x1, #8 x 1, #9 x1

Wild Country Flexible Friends

.5 x 1, 1 x 1, 1.25 x1, 1.75 x 1, 2 x 1, 2.5 x 1, 3 x 1

Cheap Titanium Russian Ice Screws


Pickets (Not in Picture)



I purchased all this gear new, with the exception of one picket. I have a 2 year old daughter, and haven't climbed since she was born. If I WERE to climb, this is the rack I'd select from, and I'd trust more than anything other than brand new gear. None of this gear has taken a fall. At most it has held my weight at a belay. I'm 44, and for most of the history of this gear, my primary partner and I were interested only in climbs that we could largely simul-climb. For half of those climbs, we didn't even use this rack anyway, and we never fell regardless. I don't really know anyone else that is climbing at this point, so... Here we are. I would never have considered buying a rack used, but I can't bear the thought of what was once a most prized possession going into a landfill, and I'm not creative enough to create some kind of folk art out of it.


The screws I wouldn't have recommended for anything other than building anchors even when brand new, and we mostly carried them for later season glacier travel. Pickets are fine. Hexes with cords replaced would be same as new, though we rarely carried them. Stoppers are in good shape. I'm sure the greatest interest is in the cams. They're in good shape, but far from new. 16 years old, and maybe ready for retirement according to the actuarials, though again, I can't bear to think of a landfill for them. I see from Wild Country's website that they won't refurbish past 10 years. I'm confident in the use of this stuff for moderate alpine climbing, but then again, you don't know me from f#$% all.. I live in downtown Seattle, and I think I'd insist that someone interested in these inspect them personally, unless I was told that they were going to make a collage out of it.





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