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Teen falls at rocky butte


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the more climbers that show up the cleaner the routes will stay

Does anyone object to my removing the two loose rocks (someone marked one with a white X, the other is smaller)on the layback on Flaky Old Man, next time I am there?

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That's too bad. It seems unlikely that the guy was or attempting to climb. I hope he makes it.


Which reminds me, I topped out on Blueberry Jam a month ago and there were two little boys running around and playing games near the edge of the cliff.





dude... about 8, one fair, one kinda darker skinned? i left video for breakfast cracks, saw all your ropes, and bailed.. on the way back, i ran into these two little kids playing RIGHT on the cliff.. they asked me some questions about climbing then sprinted back toward the cliff. i just shook my head and carried on.

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Here's an update on the latest about RB from ODOT, PFB and other "stakeholders." Funny, I don't see the local climbing community represented to give their perspective. I guess they decided not to invite us. Whatever. :rolleyes:


Hiking WHERE is prohibited? at the top of the walls? where the crap else would the chains go up? another utterly pointless, empty gesture. the problem is NOT that people don't know there's cliffs there... it's that they DO know there's cliffs there, and subsequently misuse them.


you can't prevent people from misusing them.




you can also count me in as somebody who will never support regulated climbing

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