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[TR] Alaska Range - West Butt 5/15/2011


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Trip: Alaska Range - West Butt


Date: 5/15/2011


Trip Report:

In short... Headed into the AK Range to try Foraker. Chickened out on the initial couloirs. Decided to try the West Butt. Made it to 14K in 4 days. Spent 8 days in a tent in 50mph winds. Moved to 17K. Bonked. Woke to high winds. Ran from 17K down to BC in 10 hours and flew home to take a shower.





Some pix:










More pix.


Gear Notes:

- Your feet get cold when Alveolite foam packs out

- 400 pages is not enough for 8 storm days

- Accept leftover food from the Army guys; the new MREs are pretty tasty


Approach Notes:

Gas up at the Roadhouse - fly in.

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That first picture is so awesome.


I was going to ask how many books you read, but you answered that :D .


Way to get after it :rocken: ! I'll look at your pretty pictures from my home office...

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Awesome skiing? We were out there a few years back and kept getting dumped on, made for fun skiing but ruined plans to climb the West Rib, ended up doing the West butt instead with a party that wanted to do the Cassin Ridge (also snowed out).


Cool videos...


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