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Best way to get around in the valley.


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I'm going down to yosemite in sept. for the first time. And I'm staying in the upper pines campground. I'm wondering the best way to get to different climbing spots in the valley. If I drive over to cookie cliff is there going to be parking or is this out of the question. Any info would be appreciate.

Thanks Chris

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If you're just going for a couple of weeks take a car. The parking is sometimes difficult but not impossible.


the shuttle does not run to cookie cliff but there's always parking spots along the road


Sept is the best time, it's cooled off a little and the crowds have died down a little because the kids are back in school.


Why Upper Pines? The place to be if you're climbing is Camp 4. All the climbers are there, good place to get beta, a partner, or whatever related to climbing.


WARNING, the black bears will break into your car if there's food inside OF ANY KIND. They will smell cookies in a factory sealed bag in the trunk. They will break out a side window or peel down the window frame, rip out the back seat and get the cookies out of the trunk.


"No food" means no toothpaste etc or anything with a possible food scent. If you eat in your car it's wise to clean it out before departure. There's even known cases of headrests getting torn up if someone used overly scented shampoo.


I distinctly remember dozing during the night and hearing the dooozzzeee of another window breaking. There's always glass in the parking lots, and the grown bears teach their cubs how to break into cars.


Friend of mine was there for a couple months and got lazy or forgot and left a sandwich in his Toyota van. They peeled the window frame down and stole the sandwich. He had to drive 120 miles without a door to the wrecking yard.



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If you don't bring a bike use the free shuttle service. Even if you do bring a bike, use the free shuttle service. The shuttle runs up and down both sides of the valley and gets as close to any climbing spot as you could with a car, and you don't have to worry about parking or pay for gas. If I remember right there are 20+ stops on the shuttle. The only problem is figuring out the two different shuttles and their schedule, one circles the center of the valley and the other runs out to el cap. For a few of the longer climbs we did the shuttle didn't run early enough, and a car was helpful then, but over all the shuttle is great.

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