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The Brothers - Conditions?


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Has anyone been up there? I know the trail is snow-free to Lena Lake. Curious what it looks like beyond that at the present moment. I'd like to ski it next weekend if there's as much snow as I suspect (and perhaps a little more stable than what we're seeing in the Cascades at that elevation). Thanks.

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What was the snowpack like up there on Ellinor? Thinking of doing The Brothers on Wednesday, wondering (roughly) what to expect.

It sucked once out from under the trees. Crust failing at 100 - 150 #. Soon after you lift your foot 4 outta 5 steps punch thru about a foot. Fine if you had snowshoes. That was on a se aspect late morning.

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There was still a couple feet of snow at the lower th. I walked past it on the way down for a couple hundred yards before cutting back over to the trail that goes down to Big Creek campground. At the cutover point there was no snow at all. A guy I talked to on the summit said the sno stopped him at the last crossing of Big creek about a mile or so before the lower th. He didn't say how deep the snow was there but I would guess it could very easily be drivable to close to the lower th by the weekend.

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Skied and climbed the standard route on Monday evening/Tuesday morning. Wasn't worth taking skis at all, but the conditions were good for climbing with well-consolidated snow for easy step-kicking. Left the skis at the Lunch ledge, where I camped for the night, as the snow to that point sucked for skiing with lots of old crusty avy debris and deep runnels. Weather was great on top with undercast conditions. Got about 10 nice turns on the lower snowfield before battling it out down to climbers camp.

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