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Fossil Rock?


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so i tried to find fossil rock about a year ago with no luck. couldn't find a guide-book either. we're gonna find ourselves in the vicinity and wanted to take another look. specifically looking for the harder sport climbs-heard rumors about 5.12's and 5.13's?


when i tried to find it last year, i walked out the logging road, took a right after about a mile or two, road wound up and around, and finally saw a big cliff, but was hopelessly over-grown and inaccessible. no idea if i was in the right area.


info appreciated!

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you may have been in the right place is the sad truth. i went out there a year or so ago. I remember a lot of loose rock and rusted bolts. I got to one bolt that wasn't even a full circle and was coming out of the rock part way. I don't mean to bag on anyone's local crag, but I just wouldn't recommend it. Def. not worth the long approach. The view from the top was nice though. There is info on it in the Washington Falcon guide.


Good luck.

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Try contacting Lucky or Drederek on this site for more specific info. I've only been out there three times or so, had a great time each visit. I think Jens has been out recently too. I know the approach well enough to follow it, but I suspect if I were to describe it I would omit some turn and not really do you any favors. There is a big boulder on the foot trail once you leave the logging road terminus that has a big eye bolt glued in for locking your bike, that's a definite landmark. There is poison oak in the area, so keep an eye out for it.


I don't know about any 13's though, those might be in the area that's been closed.



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