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Sickly Yosemite accident


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At the request of the aunt of the deceased, who said that the facts, and the discussion, would "destroy her sister" if she read them, which is something that a grieving person might do in their despair, fuckhead, after their son died and got eaten by a bear, and some stupid cunts did nothing except kept climbing. Do you have kids? Would you want a bunch of ass clowns endlessly debating the tragic and gruesome death of your child in a public forum?


yes, I have two kids. And I've had my share of tragedy, believe me. And I've also had the incredible experience of seeing assclowns on the internet laugh about it and reference it directly on this forum in specific, targeted attempts to hurt me. And I've never once asked anybody to remove them.


Am I a fuckhead because I don't think the entire internet should be censored to spare one person's feelings? Maybe. But if people are going to sit here and trash a bunch of strangers over an event that has been censored, then I'm going to speak up and ask for the specifics.


There are lots of things that happen in life that hurt, and I can't imagine the sorrow his family is feeling. But if YOU don't want the specifics talked about, then you better stop calling everybody a "stupid cunt" while simultaneously refusing to let anybody discuss WHY they are stupid cunts.


sure would love to see the actual events. Not sure why anybody thinks it's better to hide them.


You'd "love" to see the actual events? Watch Faces of Death instead. And have some sensitivity in the future, or you'll continue to come off like the douchebag.



Bad choice of words. :(


But yes, considering the amount of rage and public thrashing everyone is giving the climbers involved, I'd like to read the actual sequence of events. As should you, before you start referring to them as "stupid cunts." Otherwise, you'll continue to come off like a stupid cunt.

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But I believe, unless it is work-related or caused by you, you are not legally obligated to report a crime, serious injury, or death.


I believe failure to report a crime is in fact a crime in Washington. It is probably seldom used, more as a carrot and the stick with witnesses of murders


I think that's usually considered as being an accessory (after the fact) to a crime. Several of the relatives of the Lakewood cop killer were charged with this.


But you're right -- there is a specific law:




Though I would think in most cases, it wouldn't apply, because you are not required to report if it would put you in danger for snitching.

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