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[TR] Mt Washington - Route 1 5/23/2010


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Trip: Mt Washington - Route 1


Date: 5/23/2010


Trip Report:

Started up the trail at 0700 with the intent of doing the Washington-Ellinor Traverse. We climbed Washington but due to softening snow and lack of visibility we descended without heading over to Ellinor.


There is still plenty of snow starting at the meadow below

Big Creek Basin, 'schrunds not open yet, a snow drift blocked the last section of the ledges on the summit block but it can be bypassed by a short rock band traverse.


We scrambled the rock buttresses above the meadow



'A' Peak and Ellinor visible for a while





All good options



The Summit Block



James trying out his new axe and crampons





The Nose



By the time we reached the top, the clouds had moved in for the day



The summit register had a bad winter, all wet and running with smeared ink






We descend, the SE ridge and foggy soup below



Contemplating the traverse to Ellinor



And trying to decide



Decided on the down direction, where the rain was



Gear Notes:

Axe, Crampons, and Hat


Approach Notes:

Trail to the meadow

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Always love Washington even if it does get crowded sometimes.


Did you guys climb the snow ramp at the top or straight up the rock from the ridge?


I was up there the weekend before helping with the college climbing class and watched Suprise Col let loose with a pretty good sized wet slide in the afternoon that would have taken anyone out on the climb.


Defintely have to be careful as all this snow in the Oly's warms up.

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