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  1. How to fix a crampon gouge on a boot toe...?

    Oh good what a relief
  2. [TR] Mt. Constance - West Arete 9/2/2010

    Thanks for the beta, way to fend off those snaffles until daylight. I’ve had to leave my headlamp on blinking mode all night and pull my hat over my eyes so I could get some sleep. Crazy they ate the shirt off your back like that!
  3. [TR] Mt. Constance - West Arete 9/2/2010

    Do you think you would have needed axe and crampons had you descended the south chute instead of to Tunnel Creek?
  4. Bugaboos conditions

    Went up the Bugaboo-Snowpatch col 8-11-10. Used crampons, schrund is opened up, most parties are rapping down the col off bolted stations on climber's left (30m apart). Rap stations climbers right have been removed. B-S col 8-11-10 from Kain Route
  5. Do any brush monkies want to pull on some friable shiite in the oly's. Haven't been to the Royal Basin in a while, or something shorter would do...
  6. Need Ride Shasta

    no longer looking, thanks
  7. WA Climbing Partners

    Hi, I'm looking to do some climbing this weekend. I have a small trad rack if you want to combine and do some multi-pitch stuff. I have experience in the Cascades and Olympics, I'd be willing to lead 5.7 on gear at this point, should be able to follow 5.10. I've been doing a lot of stuff at the gym but haven't got out too much this year yet. Jacob Bremerton
  8. Need Ride Shasta

    Need gas money? I want to meet up with a friend to climb Shasta. Would like one-way ride-a-long, departing downtown SEA or Bremerton on Saturday. Drop off in vicinity of Shasta.
  9. Was thinking this would be a good route to check out, book says 'classic'. Or maybe some cragging 5.10-
  10. [TR] Mt Washington - Route 1 5/23/2010

    \ actually there were spots on the summit block that were hard packed and wind blown
  11. Trip: Mt Washington - Route 1 Date: 5/23/2010 Trip Report: Started up the trail at 0700 with the intent of doing the Washington-Ellinor Traverse. We climbed Washington but due to softening snow and lack of visibility we descended without heading over to Ellinor. There is still plenty of snow starting at the meadow below Big Creek Basin, 'schrunds not open yet, a snow drift blocked the last section of the ledges on the summit block but it can be bypassed by a short rock band traverse. We scrambled the rock buttresses above the meadow 'A' Peak and Ellinor visible for a while All good options The Summit Block James trying out his new axe and crampons The Nose By the time we reached the top, the clouds had moved in for the day The summit register had a bad winter, all wet and running with smeared ink Pershing We descend, the SE ridge and foggy soup below Contemplating the traverse to Ellinor And trying to decide Decided on the down direction, where the rain was Gear Notes: Axe, Crampons, and Hat Approach Notes: Trail to the meadow
  12. Trip: Red Rocks Calico Hills - Physical Graffiti 5.6 Date: 10/3/2009 Trip Report: Physical Graffiti, an obvious splitter just past Cannibal Crag: Cave to get out of the wind, the route was very well sheltered from the wind, which was ripping once we got to the top of the hill. View of the route from start of P1, note X marking a loose chockstoneat small roof. M'daddy nearing the top of first pitch. And topping out We walked off to the climbers left, fun few hours of climbing. Gear Notes: I had (6) cams to 3", doubles 2.5" and (8) nuts, I ran it out on P2 and ran out of gear at the top of P2. Recommend doubles 2" to 4", singles .5" to 2", set of medium - large nuts. Approach Notes: Physical Graffiti is just past Cannibal Crag on the left, it's only a few hundred yards from the Calico Hills parking lot. Summitpost has a good description.
  13. pickets

    Anybody up for W McMillan Spire? Would like to check out the Pickets, do some scrambling, sat-mon Please PM by 4pm friday
  14. North Twin Sisters Road

    If you're planning on climbing North Twin via FS road 38 there is a bright orange sign posted on 7/28/09 that reads "Closed to Public Due to Extreme Fire Danger", the road is gated.