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Hey skitty, I'd recommend going outside, exploring someplace new, and climbing something within your ability level. Sure, we learn by flailing and failing, but sometimes it feels good to climb something you can climb with style. Also, hopefully you're climbing with somebody that shares your sense of fun. There's so many places to discover, and climbing is a great excuse to do exactly that--its not just the time on the rock, but the whole adventure.

~Uncle Tricky

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Thanks Uncle Tricky,

This might be a "Prozac Moment" I dumped my climbing partner a few weeks back when one day at the local gym I was cussing and sweating my way up a 5.9 and I'd gotten past the "crux", for all practical purposes was done when I noticed 25 feet below me, my fat valley girl belayer wasn't pulling in slack but was flirting with the guy belaying next to her. So, In a CALM voice I requested : "Can you take up this slack?" The Bitch ACTUALLY honked on the rope as hard as humanly possible, ripping me off my stance and banging the side of my head on a giant plastic hold in the process..... So I've been without a partner, but Tricky, you'd be proud: I weaseled out of work about 5 hours early..It was a beautiful day I went to Marymoor and just goofed around and remembered why I loved to climb...


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