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  1. This one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute in my pussy!
  2. I fell about 16 feet off of the upper part of the first pitch of Japanese Gardens. Good thing I spent the extra time making sure that the #4 Camalot was set properly in the flaring offwith. I was a screamer, I screamed and didn't even know I was screaming.
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    Don't compare yourself to other people or derive your sense of self worth from climbing. It took me at least two years to learn to move my feet. This is a meditative sport, enjoy.
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    No, I get pissed at myself. I also think that if you don't fail often, you aren't trying hard enough.
  5. I might be able to meet you at index. check your private messages. [This message has been edited by titsmack (edited 09-06-2001).]
  6. "Failure is the blood that pumps in the heart of alpinism." Mark Wilford
  7. I thought the Zodiac is so steep that it wouldn't hit anyone from several pitches up.
  8. Does anyone know if you need crampons and boots to get onto the rock, or can I get by with running shoes and a light axe.
  9. Not lately, but late summer several years ago it was just an ice field and a small glacier with one crevasse to jump over.
  10. What you need is a pimped out Monte Carlo with tinted glass, man. And a bugle horn. You get some major trail head in that thing, man.
  11. Thing I like: My A5 double gear sling/chest harness. I wear it all the time now, even to work. I clip pens, my wallet, a coffee mug, lip balm, car keys, leftovers- to it. It is so handy, much better than those cargo pants with the multiple big pockets that I used to wear. I am gradually duct taping accessory cord to everything I own so that I can carry it around on my double gear sling.
  12. Thanks. That is helpful. For something not so helpful, check out this weather satellite image: http://defiant.wrh.noaa.gov/CURRENT/VIS4NW.GIF We have seven days up there starting monday. This looks like a big front. ##$$%!@! [This message has been edited by titsmack (edited 07-27-2001).]
  13. Anyone done the Becky/Chounard(?) route here? What is the approach from Howser/Pidgeon col to the base of the climb like? The descent? Route beta? Thanks.
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