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Ring of the Nibelung - Wagner's Ring cycle


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I have tickets for the whole Ring cycle but it turns put my date had to cancel on the first two shows, Das Rheingold and Die Walkure. I am contemplating two things, just selling the one extra ticket to each show so I can still go or selling both pairs. the tickets are expensive, $120 each at face value! other ideas? any takers with offers?


Das Rheingold is Tue, Aug 25th, starts at 7:00, 2 1/2 hrs long

Die Walkure is Wed, Aug 26th, starts at 6:00, 4 1/2 hrs long(!)


drop me a line if you are interested,


Brian :-)

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D00d, it's only Richard Wagner's most famous opera.

You should get out more and spend less time on cc.com...


FWIW Brian, I'd just go and see if you can sell back the tickets at the will call window. I'm assuming that this is at the Seattle Opera. They used to allow that years ago when I used to be into opera a lot more. You won't get full price, but at least it's something.


And just so you know, once was enough for me for this one...

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like some aspects of climbing, even if its not all that fun you still have to do it at least once.


15 hrs is a LOT of opera! my daughter did commit to the first show, Das Rheingold, so now I just need to find someone who is interested in the second, Die Walkure, so I can at least see the whole thing once.


I'll drop Minx a line. anyone seen her lately? is she still posting on here?

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