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Can someone tell me about Fossil Rock


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Pardon my newbie'ism as I am new to Washington state and this site. I am looking for some easy climbing where I can teach my wife some basic outdoor sport climbing and top rope. Someone at Alpine Experience in Olympia told me of Fossil Rock just to the east of Yelm. He said he had not been there in a while and had no idea what kind of upkeep it was in. After trying to do some research I have came to some of the same conclusions myself.


I did find some posts on another site dating back to 2004 claiming that cars were being towed because the rock is on logging land. Has someone been there as of late?


Also, if this is on the wrong board instead of the Olympic Peninsula forgive me again (Like I said, new to the area)

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somebody on this board was talking about it and maybe had some pictures of it in the past 2 years - jens maybe? i don't recall - but if no-one responds here after a bit, try posting in the main forum - the central/eastern washington forum is the ass end of the cat :)


i recall that the climbing is mostly if not totally bolted, fun/unique and that there are both easy and hard climbing option, and the parking is quasi-legal.

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I went there a couple of times a couple of years ago. There are maybe 10 bolted routes in the main area on some wierd rock that is steep but covered in knobs that look like they will break off but are actually ok. Most of the routes are fairly hard if I remember right. Bikes are the best option to get in there, as the walk/ride in is a few miles on logging roads. Parking didn't seem to be a problem, just make sure you aren't in the way of anything. The best way to do it is to get yourself some beer, head up after work with a sleeping bag, start a fire right next to the wall and climb into the night.

Overall I would say that is is worth checking out if you live in Olympia, just don't expect too much. Some good views and neat madrona forests.



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