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  1. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    I climbed at rainbow Sunday am and that left horror show was spitting chunks but the lines just right went ok w stubbies though I couldn't find rock gear on the lower reaches. Cheers for the beta!
  2. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    Went up today 2/13. Plenty of snow cover to get to the base but w a couple new folks we ran out our timeline and didn’t get on the fresh ice. Enjoy tomorrow!
  3. Climb tomorrow rock or ice

    yeah where is this place? i'd like to check it out
  4. Climb tomorrow rock or ice

    1 hour from seattle sounds good. let me know if you wanna go this weekend; i'm in renton.
  5. L-worth Ice Saturday?

    i'm down for something this weekend. hit me up; i'm in renton.
  6. Climbing in Mountains - SUNDAY

    still looking.
  7. Climbing in Mountains - SUNDAY

    boo. ok. someone else can pm me if they wanna get out.
  8. i'm down and can lead trad 9s, sport higher, love alpine, have rope/rack/car/etc. let me know
  9. Leavenworth in late Feb.

    very nice. thanks guys!
  10. Fossil Rock....South End Climbers

    i could be down if its dry out there. do you know? i've been there a handful of times and know the way.
  11. hey guys-- i'm new here and wanted to know if anyone has been out to leavenworth recently? i'd like to get out to castle rock or some of the cracks up icicle and don't know the winter conditions out there. i'm looking more for rock, not ice, and clear access so let me know what might be accessible. trying to make it out this weekend if possible. thanks!!
  12. Can someone tell me about Fossil Rock

    been there a bunch of times and its in good shape. two sides of the road to park on but just dont block the gate and you'll be ok. sport climbing on conglomerate with moderate routes for your wife. enjoy!