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Crazy meetings in the mountains


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One of the funniest (and kinda saddest) things I've seen was on Mt Whitney. We topped out from the East Buttress on a sunny and very windy day, and on top there were about 40 people, each one shouting "YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE WHERE *I* AM RIGHT NOW!" into their cell phones.


Back in, around 95 I guess, when cell phones were new'n'hot toys, I wandered up onto First Summit of the Chief to encounter this guy with one of those old massive 90s cellphones.




hey Frank!

How's it goin buddy?

Workin hard eh? Big project?

Hows the weather in Toronto today?

Still raining eh?

You think you're gonna be workin late tonight?

deadline comin up?

That's ruff

Get that promotion yet?

Ah too bad Frank

well let me tell you where I am,

i'm on top of a mountain


It's a beautiful sunny day

I can see for miles

And I'm not wearing a fucking suit


So... have fun with that deadline buddy!

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the memorable experience of climbing Blouberg wearing one Mythos and one Trango S Evo.


New extreme sport! Climbing with mis-matched shoes!


Back a number of years ago a partner and I did the complete north ridge of Stuart. My buddy led the first pitch. I followed and just as I reached the belay he freaked out and said I've gotta rap down. He takes off and starts searching the base of the route for one of his approach shoes. He didn't find it. He then came back up and we completed the route. It was funny solo climbing up the standard north ridge route past a heard of Mounties.


After summiting we decided to stick to rock for the descent, so we descended the west ridge. When we got to the snow at the saddle my partner put his one approach shoe on and descended the glacier with a rock shoe and the approach shoe back to our camp. This took a while, so we ended up spending another night at camp. He was dreading walking down to the car with his new shoe selection.


Early in the AM he got up and wandered ten feet of so from camp. While walking he found his missing approach shoe sitting on the ground. Apparently he hadn't focused very well on his knots when he first put on his rock shoe. In the end he was pretty happy to walk back to the car in more appropriate footwear.

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