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10 days in North Cascades?


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hey all,


I did actually search for a post like this, but seems no one goes expedition style down here any more. I have 10 days over the week before memorial day. I was hoping to get deep in the North Cascades- but am not sure what conditions would be like. Can anyone suggest a good linkup or resources- maybe two or three mountains that might lend themselves to a link up? Also any account of experience during this part of the season would be much appreciated. Partner and I are both strong on steep snow, glacier travel, and technical rock, not strong in ice climbing. I'm new to the PNW, but we both have significant experience elsewhere.

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You're probably aware that the Cascades will still be full of snow that time of year, so ski transport would be a good call for a longer trip. Otherwise it's kinda late for technical snow/ice and early for alpine rock. Good neighborhoods for moderate linkups could be Eldorado/Forbidden/Buckner, Maude&Fernow, Redoubt/Spickard, Baker/Shuksan, for starters. Or could be a good time for a steep volcano route if you catch some nice weather. See this recent thread for more thoughts on early season options.





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