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climbing/mountains around Vernon BC


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There are some cragging areas around Vernon and Kelowna, described in Central BC Rock guidebook. It's supposedly out of print but you can still find it around Seattle (they have it at Stone Gardens). There is of course Skaha area further south.


I'm not aware of much alpine climbing close by but there are a lot of hikes around Kelowna:

Kelowna trails

It's not really what I would call alpine but I've been to Okanagan Mt park a couple of times, it has a good trail system and it's OK for exercise hikes with views mainly of Okanagan Lake.

There's a climbing gym in Kelowna also, Beyond the Crux.



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not sure how much snow there'll be, and how that'll affect access, but Monashee Prov Park lies east, then north from Vernon. superb backcountry (in summer, at least). and Mt Fosthall is an easy but lovely peak.





search google for images under "Mount Fosthall":



the snow line on the N face would be a fine moderate winter climb in firm conditions. the rib to the right looks a good bet too.



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