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3 - 4 Season convertible tent for Cascade summers?


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"Everything I read and many experienced folk with whom I speak say that you need a serious 4-season tent for summer climbing on the volcanoes in the area; that at least a 3-pole design is necessary to deal with the high winds. and possible snow loads. Is this not correct and/or overkill? "


I'd say that's bs. For all but a serious storm high on a volcano a well staked (and guyed) out 3 pole 3 season (not convertible) tent will do on any cascade volcano in the summer. And if a serious storm is expected than you probably shouldn't be out anyhow. If your criteria is bombproof as you said in your initial post than yes, this tent will fit the bill. Still my 2cents is that tent is overkill for 99% of what you will encounter around here in the summer. I’d be pretty hard pressed to carry a 7-8 lb tent in Washington. In fact I've never carried something that heavy on any trip winter or summer around here. If you find yourself getting dumped on unexpectedly one night just set your alarm and get up and shovel the snow off every few hours. No big deal. For the odd occasion that you plan on being high on a volcano with really high winds just borrow or rent a 4 season. Carrying 7-8 lbs for backpacking seems nuts these days.


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After lots of experience with many "state-of-the-art" tents, starting with '70s North Face models, I am currently absolutely sold on the REI Quarter Dome for summer use in the Cascades. It is under 4 lbs. Although small, it has two doors and two little alcoves. The poles go into serious sleeves and the fly clips and velcroes on and has guy points which can then make the whole tent bulletproof in some pretty serious winds. Despite extensive reliance on netting to cut weight, the tightness of the fly leads to some condensation problems in heavy rain, but it's manageable. We were fine in 24 straight hours of rain recently. It was seam-sealed and ready to go right out of the box. Around $200, as I recall.



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