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Interested in contributing to a gear review site?

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I'm considering launching a gear review site for people to review and evaluate all sorts of outdoor gear. Reviews would be made in the form of categorized blog entries (i.e. clicking "Crampons" would bring you to a list of all crampon reviews, written by various authors who've reviewed various products). There would be a bulletin board as well, through which any user of the site could comment on the review and the equipment that it evaluates. I like this idea because it keeps the site structured and somewhat professional, but also allows all users to contribute their thoughts.


Right now I'm looking for people who would be interested in writing the "blog" type review posts. Any takers? :)

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That might be a good idea. Did you ever follow thru with this?


SummitPost is not that thorough and pretty rustic with some of what they have reviewed there.


There is a BackpackerReview.org (google it, my spelling is off) website that reviews gear via user submission and they require pictures (especially of stuff being used in the field), and full articles for reviews with pros and cons.


It is not some fanboy talking about how TNF makes the coolest jackets, like most other review sites, or some $1000 Sat Phone that 99% of us won't ever buy or need being reviewed in Outside Magazine. But that site has realistic, indepth and impartial reviews of stuff that people actually buy and toil in. It need more membership and traffic to be better, but it is along the same line of what you are thinking of.



Trailspace.com is another site that is decent for gear reviews. But they are specific to big name brand commercial American stuff like the N.Face and Patagania and you prolly wont find CiloGear , Granite Gear or eVent gear like Loki on there.


Another really great site for innovative gear is OutdoorsMagic.com. This UK based website usually not only gives you juicy, indept reviews of what is already out there, but often "sneak previews" various brands full line of what is coming for the next season. The only downside is this site is UK based and you prolly won't recognize names of what they are talking about (their GoreTex is eVent and their NikWax is Granger) and they review brands that are hard to buy in the USA like Lowe Alpine, Eider, Ajungilak, Mammut, Millet Berghuas, Haglofs and the current God of all outdoors brand "Mountain Equip". Still they are pretty keen on what's really good, what's not and they have full articles on gear care and even buying gear.



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SummitPost has a Gear Review page.. folks could consider adding stuff there rather than reinvent the wheel.


Why not reinvent the wheel, it makes for more information...think of the ski and snowboard market...it seems that it could be a good idea to have more gear reviews due to the plethora of gear out there...Ski brands, climbing brands, clothing brands, etc...I say reinvent the wheel with a twist...like LINE skis reinvented the ski into the "Mothership"...

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